KE 12 Townhouse by
SoHo Architektur


The square windows and mansard roof silhouette of this Bavarian townhouse by German architects SoHo Architektur are an echo of the building that formerly occupied the site (+ slideshow).

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

The house in Memmingen is split into two properties, each with its own entrance from the street in front.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

Although the ground floor is divided down the middle from front to back, the upper three storeys are split into front and rear halves.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

A pair of central staircases interwine as flights lead to alternating sides of the house, giving each residence one floor with a balcony overlooking the garden.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

The rear facade is horizontally clad in dark timber, while the front elevation is bright white and features overhangs that define each of the storeys.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

We've previously featured another building by the same architects – a house in Bavaria with corrugated walls.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

Photographs are by Rainer Retzlaff.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

Here's some more information from the architects:

Located in the southern part of the historic centre of Memmingen, this is a townhouse with two housing units. Designed as a 'three-window house', 
its appearance towards the street represents the typical image of a townhouse.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

Above: building that formerly occupied the site

The contour of the mansard roof, the structural level and the footprint of the former building were all adopted and adapted to today's requirements.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

A punctuated facade including a back-fill of the gable per floor, interprets in a pure way historical themes of decoration and form design.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

Ground floor plan – click above for larger image

Each unit has its own access from the Kempter Street and each one leads through four storeys from the ground floor to the attic storey.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

First and second floor plans - click above for larger image

The arrangement of stairs in the centre of the building enables an access zone to tie the two units both to the public Kempter Street and to the private yard in the west.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

Third floor plan - click above for larger image

From the second floor on, the rooms additionally orientate themselves towards north side and respectively south side.

KE 12 by SoHo Architektur

Thus, a multifaceted and flexibly usable living environment with garden, 
balcony and roof terrace is generated which offers many amenities of living in the countryside but in the middle of the city.

  • Good job! Nice system with the double stairs (wokkel as they call it in Holland) and good floor plan as well!

  • Good floorplan! Nice use of a wokkel (double stairs), good volume! Love it!

  • Spectator

    I like how they designed a modern version of the old house while creating a great piece of modern architecture in the historic street.

  • name

    And the best thing, in Memmingen you would probably pay as much for this four floor flat as you would for a tiny one bedroom flat in London. That is what I am calling quality of life

  • Phillip

    Great improvement compared to the former building and to the existing neighbour houses!

  • cedric

    Really great job. Very nice facades and crazy good plans.

  • Jan

    Brilliant on all levels.

  • Julia

    There is one floor plan missing, right? If not, Apartment grey has no kitchen at all…so I think what is called "second floor" is the third floor, and the plan of the second floor is missing?!

    • Thanks for pointing this out. The first and second floors are actually the same, with the colours reversed.