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Dezeen Music Project: Tubular Bells (remix)
by Fine Cut Bodies

Budapest DJ Fine Cut Bodies has remixed the first part of the classic Mike Oldfield album Tubular Bells. The track is a competition entry for an Indaba Music remix contest to commemorate the release of the original record, and you can listen to the other remixes the track is up against here.

Make sure you also check out the excellent Fine Cut Bodies remix of Fever Ray track Keep the Streets Empty for Me that we featured on Dezeen Music Project back in June.

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Architects risk becoming "urban decorators"
- David Chipperfield

Architects risk becoming "urban decorators" - David Chipperfield

With the Venice Architecture Biennale opening next week, here's a full transcript of our interview with its director David Chipperfield, who explains the thinking behind this year's theme, Common Ground.

Chipperfield stresses the need for the profession to address "the 99.99% of the rest of the world which architects are not dealing with." Otherwise he says, architects risk being relegated to being "urban decorators." Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12. More »

Dezeen's new search

Ta-da! We've completely overhauled our notoriously rusty site search using Google Custom Search technology and it's now pretty amazing, if we may say so. As well as being a gazillion times faster and more accurate, it now features thumbnail images, a dedicated image search facility and the option to search by relevance or date.

Give it a test-drive using the search box at the very top right of the site, or use the little magic box below...