Autographer camera by
OMG Life with Chauhan Studio


Product news: this wearable camera by Oxford technology business OMG Life with Chauhan Studio uses sensors and GPS technology to decide which moments of your life are worth photographing.

Autographer by OMG Life and Chauhan Studio

Autographer automatically takes up to 2000 photos each day, deciding when to trigger the shutter by monitoring changes in light, colour, motion, direction and location.

Autographer by OMG Life and Chauhan Studio

OMG Life's camera uses Microsoft SenseCam technologypreviously used in a camera that assists people with memory impairments such as Alzheimer's disease by keeping a record of their day.

Autographer by OMG Life and Chauhan Studio

Chauhan Studio then designed the camera to be a small, unobtrusive accessory that clips to the body in a number of ways using a lanyard or magnets. "The camera lens is a special bespoke assembly, specifically designed for purpose, using a wide angle," explained designer Tej Chauhan.

Autographer will be available to purchase from November, priced £399.

We previously featured a camera that's operated by blinking and squinting.

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Here's some more information from the designers:

Wearable technology often looks "geeky" or otherwise out of place when worn. OMG Life partnered with Chauhan Studio to develop a design that was quietly expressive yet unobtrusive, something that would look harmonious when worn across different styles and attitudes. This has been achieved by experimenting with different iterations of the outer body, eventually crafting relatively simple surfaces and channelling expression to the lens area. It came to serve a bigger purpose by becoming the brand signifier for this and any future developments that may be needed.

The final design is visually clean, the body relatively minimal, contrasted with the strong and identifiable Autographer Eye lens detail. To achieve this Chauhan Studio used innovative plastics, precision metals and hidden displays. The accessories are a stylish complement to the device with premium leathers and bright accent colours, but most importantly they enable the Autographer to be worn and used with ease.

Tej Chauhan, director of Chauhan Studio comments: "From beginning to the end, we felt that the industrial design was at the heart of the development of the Autographer."

Autographer can be worn in lots of different ways: clipping, hanging, tethering and in various combinations. A range of innovative accessories were designed for this purpose and the team used materials and colours that created a cool contrast with the high-tech device.

Nick Bolton, CEO of OMG, says, “When we embarked on the journey to bring the Autographer into the consumer market, we were confident that Chauhan Studio’s approach to design would create an aesthetic that would be unique, beautiful and covetable.”

The rapid evolution of the ‘digital age’ has created a discerning customer who not only demands the best advances in technology and function devices, but also superior aesthetics and craftsmanship – both of which have successfully been achieved with the Autographer.

  • Henk

    Would have been nice to actually see some pictures taken by the camera – not just for image quality reasons, but to see if it actually takes worthwhile images. Product design is nice!

  • dezeen_intense

    Hi Henk,

    The Dezeen team are eagerly waiting for a review unit to be sent over – when we get it we'll test it out and post some photos!


  • object-ion

    Nice looking object but the concept is disturbing. Aren’t we over-documenting our lives already? And then the idea of letting a machine decide which parts of our lives are worth recording? I don’t/won’t buy it.

  • Dan

    I agree with Henk. It would have been better to wait until you had the real one to see, not just the pictures. It takes an actual object instead of renders. Not sure about the strange hemispherical protrusion either – and it seems very awkwardly placed.

  • Jeremy

    The camera was supposed to have been available last September. It is now nearly the end of January, but still there is no further news. What’s going on?