Painted Rug by Martí Guixé
for Nanimarquina


Product news: Spanish designer Martí Guixé squeezed bottles of paint over this white rug from Spanish brand Nanimarquina as part of an exhibition at Vienna Design Week (+ movie).

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

The movie shows Guixé dripping paint over the rug to create an irregular tiled pattern. The designer told Dezeen he was inspired by stories of traditional rug makers "painting by hand to create a more valuable rug" after they are woven.

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

Painted Rug was shown as part of the Still Life With Light exhibition at Sotheby's in Palais Wilczek.

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

Earlier this year Nanimarquina celebrated its 25th anniversary by laying dozens of rugs across a square in Barcelona, and we published their movie of the event.

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

Other projects by Martí Guixé we've featured include a series of containers with message labels attached and a clock that lets you write or draw where the numbers would be.

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

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Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

Here's some more information from Nanimarquina:

Drip Painting is a form of abstract art in which the paint is poured or dripped onto a canvas. For Martí Guixé, the idea of painting a rug is not new; he’s been turning it over in his head for years, because he was familiar with the tradition found in some areas of Eastern Europe of colouring tapestries after they’ve been woven.

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

In the Still Life With Light project at Sotheby's Vienna, Martí Guixé and nanimarquina saw the opportunity to explore some of the possibilities of Drip Painting as graffiti and to apply it to a rug. This was how a rug was transformed into a canvas, another feature of the Canvas Furniture project.

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

Painted Rug is a sketch of a rug that is in itself already a rug. Once again, nanimarquina has dared to invent new ways of reinventing the rug.

Painted Rug by Martí Guixé

  • doktor

    Um… “Painted Rug is a sketch of a rug that is in itself already a rug. Once again, nanimarquina has dared to invent new ways of reinventing the rug.” And a damn ugly one at that…

  • A child can do that and probably do it better!

  • ben

    What a load of tosh.

  • I’m all for the idea of enriching a woven rug with hand painting, it sounds interesting. Except you have destroyed the thing with poor execution and poor choice of pattern. A rhombus with a line in it is a crude and offensive sign for female… private parts where I come from.

    Please rethink this. Thoroughly.

    • B-C

      LOL. That’s all I can see after reading this comment.

  • how

    A poor execution, but what can you expect from a self-proclaimed “ex-designer”?

  • JeffK

    Jackson Pollock he is not.

  • nicky

    Good idea. Poorly executed.

  • Paul

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Reinventing the rug? Really? Someone throws paint randomly, and pretty badly, and it’s called reinventing? I guess he is also trying to reinvent Pollock as well, no? A 21st century take on Pollock reinvents a white rug. Genius!

    Thank you so much for sharing this, makes me really reconsider art and design in today’s world. Does something like this represent the direction we should all follow as designers and artists?

    Really disappointing. I have seen better ideas and execution at undergraduate level. Bravo.

    • jonny

      “Undergraduate level”? What does that even mean? If you would have said “kindergarten level” you might actually have made a statement. Correct me if i’m wrong, but postgraduate study does not a good designer make.

  • sara

    I think this piece brings up an interesting debate about the delicate balance between what is art and “art”.

    But maybe I’m the fool who isn’t haphazardly throwing some paint on a pre-bought blank canvas and making loads of money.

  • It’s the Spinal Tap of the design world. Jackson Pollock he ain’t. Emperor’s New Clothes and all that. I think Ricky Gervais could use this for his next comedy show. Utterly pointless and ridiculous!

  • Naimit

    I feel embarrassed for Martí Guixé. I’m rather astounded that in the cutthroat design world anyone anywhere would create (destroy is a better word) something this horrendous and then *share it around*.

    The last time I criticized someone’s work on this site I was taken to task for not first proving my credentials. This time, fear not: I’ve committed some ugly, horrible failures too. The difference, I suppose, is that I am capable of shame and promptly hid or destroyed them.

    You’re welcome!

    • This is a great idea. It should only be taken as a deconstruction of the concept of pattern. He wanted to display the ever present incalculable fallacy of the human hand.

      I appreciate his asymmetrical execution of an apparently self-aware rug. Every single designer (see comments section) can copy, paste, and reflect a pattern in any given program. It’s a re-reinterpretation of the term “hand-made”.