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XTable by KiBiSi

Product news: this office desk by Danish design studio KiBiSi is a cross between an ironing board and a car jack – simply turn the handle on the corner to raise or lower the surface.

XTable by KiBiSi

Called XTable, it has mechanical parts hidden in its tabletop that connect the handle with the adjustable scissor legs.

XTable by KiBiSi

"A threaded rod connects the two top parts of the steel frame and is directed to the front via a 90 degree gear," explained creative director Jens Martin Skibsted. "When the handle is turned the distance between the two top points will change and the table will lift or lower."

XTable by KiBiSi

"[It's] a piece of office machinery that accommodates multiple working positions and daily reshuffling," the designers added.

XTable by KiBiSi

The desk is accompanied by an optional storage box for office supplies.

XTable by KiBiSi

The XTable was launched at Orgatec trade fair in Cologne this week by Scandinavian brand Holmris.

XTable by KiBiSi

Earlier this week we featured another piece of mechanical furniture – a cabinet that opens like a giant sewing box. Other pieces by KiBiSi we've published previously include a sofa that looks like a rolled-up mattress and a pair of rainproof and snowproof headphones.

XTable by KiBiSi

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Here's some more information from KiBiSi:

XTable is a manually height adjustable desk.

XTable uses manual kinetic power instead of electricity for height adjustments – saves energy and keeps users active. All technical features are constructively integrated in the table top. It uses a century old principle known from carjacks, ironing boards and other iconic tools. The principle coupled with a desk is a radical redesign of the traditional office desk. XTable is designed with an optional storage solution for office supplies and other belongings.

XTable leverages the production knowhow and crafts heritage from its manufacturer, Holmris. Holmris is a Scandinavian family owned business that has delivered quality office furniture for 3 generations.

With XTable Holmris is set to redefine the office furniture market with a highly competitive, compact and efficient workspace that will be launched at Orgatec, October 23 - 27, in Cologne.

  • Andy

    I love the look and the function. Very cool idea, but I think before it will “redefine the office furniture market,” it’s going to need to create one that provides the ability to extend one’s own legs completely under the table.

    As an intern and therefore an expert at having to work ridiculously long hours, I’d much rather conventionally raise my office chair, and be able to sit back and stretch my legs out every once in a while, than lift my desk and have to sit as though I’m in an airline.

  • Last year I was looking for a desk which I could raise and lower from sitting to standing level. This looks like a good contender.

  • 2009rogera

    This particular design is almost identical to any transportable (piano) keyboard stand.

    • I agree, I was about to say this desk reminded me of a keyboard stand. I wonder if the crossed parts get in the way of your legs?

  • Damian

    Swiss Designer Fridolin Egger designed a very similar table called Frego X in 1960. It was also awarded die gute form in 1961.

    • Wow. That is a little concerning, although it’s always hard to create something completely unique in industrial design – everything’s a remix. But this is little too similar, especially with the name “Frego X” and “X-table.