Plicate by Benjamin Hubert
for NAVA


Plicate by Benjamin Hubert for NAVA

Dezeen Watch Store: British industrial designer Benjamin Hubert has designed his first watch for Italian accessories brand NAVA. Plicate, named after its pleated surfaces, is now available for pre-order with free shipping from Dezeen Watch Store

Plicate by Benjamin Hubert for NAVA

This distinctive timepiece features a folded surface, inspired by the pleats of a paper fan, along the inside of the strap and around the face of the watch. "Each one of the folds represents a second and this is really contrary to most watches on the market which use graphics, numbers, or anything like that," Hubert told Dezeen in an interview at our office.

Plicate by Benjamin Hubert for NAVA

The pleats on the underside of the strap allow air to flow between the watch strap and the wearer's wrist: "Polyurethane straps normally cause a build up of sweat, but in this instance we reduced the surface area and therefore reduced the amount of sweat and discomfort for the user."

Plicate by Benjamin Hubert for NAVA

Another prominent feature is the double-length second hand. "Our idea here is that if you have a second hand on a watch it’s really a decorative feature, particularly on an analogue watch – you’re really not counting the seconds," Hubert explains. "So, why not make that more extreme, make that more decorative? And our idea was to make it double-length so you have a real piece of sculpture that’s moving around the watch. We chose to emphasise this with a really high-contrast colour as well."

Plicate by Benjamin Hubert for NAVA

The polyurethane strap features a popper clasp, more commonly found on festival wrist bands. "The idea is that when you walk into a store, when you have 30 or 40 watches in front of you, that you really see this silhouette, and you can really see it from across the store as well. It was something that was really important when we pitched the idea to NAVA, to have this really distinctive language."

Plicate by Benjamin Hubert for NAVA

We'll be publishing the full movie interview with Hubert on Dezeen soon. Meanwhile you can pre-order the Plicate in three colours on Dezeen Watch Store and take advantage of free shipping on all UK and international orders.

Plicate by Benjamin Hubert for NAVA

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  • sara

    It is so nice to see the concept sketches for this watch. Too often process is left out, well done!

  • Guest

    Would have been better if the facets were different depths or maybe some slight colour to indicate where the numbers/hours were exactly. It is so much harder to read than it needs to be, not good (in my opinion). Plus I think the ‘festival’ fixing method is silly, too thick, unnecessary, looks tacky and like design for the sake of design.

    Not my favourite Hubert piece, but the new chairs are great.

  • RJR

    Same same, but different. Both nice in their own ways.

  • sebastian

    Very original piece, well detailed too. Why is the festival fixing silly? Isn’t it just another method of fixing two elements together in a functional and secure manner?

    • Guest

      I agree it is original but that doesn’t make something good. I like the concept, I just believe it could have been executed a tad better, addressing the main function of a watch… to tell the time quickly and accurately. For me it doesn’t do that.

      As for the strap, firstly (I may be wrong with this first statement) I reckon it wouldn’t last as long as a conventional strap. Plus with a conventional strap there are only 2 layers of material, with this there are 3. So it isn’t as smooth or as nice both visually and functionally as a conventional watch. It looks bulky and awkward, although it does create a nice silhouette when off, but why is that important?

      I also feel a conventional strap is more secure, for example if someone were to brush across you as you’re leaving a busy underground station it can easily be unclipped, if at the right angle (yes it is an extreme but these things should be accounted for and do happen). This would never happen with a regular strap/fixing.

      And yes it may be quicker to alter/remove it but how often do you do that? It is also in no way coherent with the rest of the design, there is too much going on. It would work better if the strap was simple. It’s too busy as a result – everything has been turned into a detail. But just my opinion. I do like many of his pieces.

      PS: I was wondering if anyone knew a good furniture/product design forum? Been looking for a decent one for a long time. Dezeen Forum would be a great idea.

  • Frustrated

    It isn’t functional. The watch strap has broken after 4 months wear. Neither the seller (, designer or manufacturer ( could care less. The popper fastener is a massive design fault. Please avoid all three companies.

    • dezeen_intense

      Hi there, there was an issue with the popper on the first batch of watches. All Dezeen Watch Store customers who had problems were given a replacement so I'm surprised to hear you've had difficultly getting yours sorted.

      Even though you didn't buy the watch from us we are going to contact Nava on your behalf and we'll let you know what they say. The product has a one-year warranty so it shouldn't be a problem.