Kawanishi Fam
by TT Architects


The minimal interior of this collaborative office was converted from a coffee-roasting warehouse by Japanese studio TT Architects (+ slideshow).

Kawanishi Fam by TT Architects

Located in Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture, Kawanishi Fam is a flexible workspace for entrepreneurs.

Kawanishi Fam by TT Architects

The architects divided the long space into a work area and a meeting area, divided by a glazed screen wall.

Kawanishi Fam by TT Architects

At one end of the room, a wooden wall shaped like a small hut disguises the utility area and toilet.

Kawanishi Fam by TT Architects

Another project by TT Architects we've featured on Dezeen is a house extension with a covered courtyard inserted into its side.

Kawanishi Fam by TT Architects

Other office interiors we've published recently include an workspace that groups employees together in islands of colour and a studio with herringbone parquet over the floors and walls.

Kawanishi Fam by TT Architects

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Photographs are by Kei Sugino.

Here's some more information from the architects:

This is a creative space for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, formulate plans and convert this into results. Previously a warehouse used for roasting coffee, these entrepreneurs coordinated a renovation to create a shared space.

The layout encompass individual working spaces; however, open tables without partitions have been used. This achieves the initial aim of creating a space in which members can actively collaborate together in an open manner.

In addition, we have created an open-use meeting space, featuring a large touch-panel display and a utility space including a kitchen and toilet.

A characteristic angled ceiling and a high side light provides soft lighting for an open space.

Kawanishi Fam by TT Architects

Above: floor plan

Location: Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan
Clients: Shintaro Ono / Kurashiki Estate
Architects: Teruki Takayoshi / TT Architects
General constructors: Kotaro Meguro / Meguro Construction
Photographer: Kei Sugino
Site area:160.42 sq m
Building area: 104.41 sq m
Total floor area: 439.445 sq m
Structure: steel: 4story
Principal use: collaborative working space
Construction period:May 2012

  • xin

    I’m not sure if I would ever feel comfortable in such a “clean” space.

  • Perhaps it’s the Japanese style, but that is the most chilled-out office space I’ve ever seen. Huge desks too, if they’re only meant for one worker.