Tablefields by
Frederik Roijé


Product news: this table by Dutch designer Frederik Roijé has one top on three levels.

Tablefields by Frederik Roijé

Called Tablefields, the design is produced from a single piece of folded sheet metal with three legs made of lacquered ash.

Tablefields by Frederik Roijé

Roijé wanted the table to express the forms of tiered rice fields, which he had become interested in while travelling.

Tablefields by Frederik Roijé

The table is manufactured in the Netherlands and is available in four colours.

Tablefields by Frederik Roijé

Other objects by Roijé we've featured on Dezeen include a five-storey chicken coop and a series of aluminium bowls shaped like maps of New York and Amsterdam.

Tablefields by Frederik Roijé

We recently featured another table that appears to be made from a single sheet of metal, while last year we reported on a tiered table that includes mirrors to view its patterned undersides.

Tablefields by Frederik Roijé

Other tables we've published recently include a trestle table held in tension by sheets of bowed steel and an office table with swinging chairs mounted around it.

Tablefields by Frederik Roijé

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  • Amazing design from a designer from my country. The rice fields concept is really creative.

  • Arseniy KERZMAN
    • Gumpy

      I disagree. This one looks far more clean and functional.

    • 50mm

      Wow, these are too close. Who copied who?

  • Mario

    I like it as well. Simple but effective. Would be big in Japan!

  • ladieda

    I miss an interaction between the legs and the top. While the legs seem to be very dominant in the overall play, there’s really no reason for them to be as they are. They’re just “placed” under.

  • Peter

    It’s just another table. Where’s the quality? What’s functional about it? As so often seen with tables or chairs, it seems as if the designer had an idea for a table top but didn’t really know what to do with the legs. It’s one of these “I like something, so I designed this to look like this something” ideas. There’s no thought behind it.