Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection
by Brad Pitt


Here are photos of the full collection of furniture designed by actor Brad Pitt, which features a dozen pieces including a bed, tables, chairs and a marble bathtub (+ slideshow).

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Created in collaboration with furniture maker Frank Pollaro, the Pitt-Pollaro collection, which went on show this week in a gallery in Chelsea, New York, goes under the slogan "Designed by Pitt, built by Pollaro. Made in USA".

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Pitt met Pollaro in 2008 when the star ordered a custom-made desk from Pollaro for his chateau in the south of France. Pollaro discovered that Pitt had sketched hundreds of furniture designs and offered to turn them into reality.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

The result is an eclectic range of Art Deco-meets-Dictator Chic pieces that were all hand-crafted in Pollaro's New Jersey workshop. Each item has been produced in a limited edition and is individually signed and numbered.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Pitt has previously shown interest in contemporary architecture, and in 2006 initiated the Make It Right project to provide housing designed by leading architects including Frank Gehry and David Adjaye for New Orleans residents made homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Here's some text from Pitt-Pollaro:

Pitt-Pollaro is a collaboration between Frank Pollaro, President of Pollaro Custom Furniture, Inc., and Brad Pitt. It reflects a shared passion for modern furniture design and superb craftsmanship.

The Pitt-Pollaro collection currently consists of twelve pieces: a bed, two dining tables, three cocktail tables, two club chairs, an integrated shelf unit, a stone bathtub, and a decorative wall installation. Each piece is hand crafted in Pollaro’s Union, New Jersey workshop. All are limited edition pieces, numbered and signed by Brad and Frank. The furniture can be customized in terms of materials, finish, and accessory details to fit a client’s decorative palate. New design pieces will be added to the collection in the future.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Meeting of the Minds

In 2008, Brad Pitt commissioned a custom desk from Pollaro Custom Furniture. Frank Pollaro personally delivered the desk to Brad’s chateau in the south of France. During the installation, Brad and Frank found they had a common passion for furniture and fine details. They discussed design history and their appreciation of materials, old and new. Most importantly, they shared a commitment to perfection.

During their discussion, Frank noticed a design sketchbook on a nearby table. Intrigued by the hundreds of furniture sketches that Brad had created over a ten-year period, Frank encouraged Brad to allow Pollaro to transform his drawings into reality. Brad enthusiastically agreed to move forward. In reviewing the sketches, they selected what would become the initial pieces of the Pitt-Pollaro collection.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Brad advanced the design process for the selected pieces by personally building wire or clay models. In Pollaro’s design department, these sketches and models were translated into design drawings, where the engineering aspects of the furniture could be studied. After further review and revision by Brad and Frank, the design drawings were turned into shop drawings and photo realistic renderings. Brad visited Pollaro’s shop frequently to participate in this development process and select materials from Pollaro’s inventory of rare materials. Only after this exhaustive study was complete could production begin.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

The Results

Over a four-year development period, driven by their common vision of unequalled quality, Brad and Frank created all of the pieces that currently comprise the Pitt-Pollaro collection. Designed by Pitt, built by Pollaro. Made in the USA. They dedicated hundreds of hours to meetings where Brad’s vision of design was balanced with Pollaro’s legendary craftsmanship. Prototypes were created, revised and recreated until Brad was satisfied with every detail of the design, and Pollaro was confident of the comfort and structural integrity of each piece.

Frank Pollaro said, “The design development process for the Pitt-Pollaro collection was exhaustive, and Brad insisted on being intimately involved in every step in the process.

Each piece took at least six months to create. The bed alone took more than 2,600 hours to design and build. Brad would not settle until each piece was exactly as he envisioned. And, of course, Pollaro’s high standards of craftsmanship and integrity are built into every piece.”

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

The Exhibition

Pollaro’s 2012 private exhibition in New York City is the culmination of the Company’s 25-year history of creating museum quality furniture. More than 70 pieces of the finest art furniture are on display. The collection has an overall value of $3 million.

That exhibition provides the platform for the world premiere of the Pitt-Pollaro collection. These pieces, never before seen in public, were four years in development. Together, they represent the combined vision of Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Several of the pieces in this Pitt-Pollaro collection have already been sold and are being displayed with the cooperation of their owners. These pieces will be placed in private residences and will probably not be seen again in public in our lifetime.

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Frank Pollaro stated, “I thank Brad for entrusting Pollaro with the responsibility for translating his vision into reality. Together, we have traveled a long, hard road to make the Pitt-Pollaro collection happen. In the process, I have gained respect for Brad’s work ethic and his commitment to excellence. I have also gained a friend. I am pleased to share this work with the visitors to the 2012 exhibition.”

Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection by Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt portrait is by Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

  • Sander

    Brrr, that bed gives me goosebumbs. It reminds me most of the cheap Turkish furniture stores I see around too often these days. How could they have spent four years on these designs?!

  • &TD

    Fine actor you are, Brad. Designer you are not.

  • NoC

    How ridiculous! It really annoys me when celebrities get international recognition for their “designs”. How much thought has gone into those tables? Apparently not much! Stick to looking pretty on the big screen and leave the designing to actual designers!

  • Terry

    That’s it! I’m off to Hollywood to star in the next blockbuster. I can’t act for toffee but my design credentials should see me through.

  • rebelyell

    Mean! Mean! Mean! What the eff? Think any of you could do any better? What the hell’s wrong with branching out? That white puffy chair is dope.

  • mariogonzalezd

    Oh well, there is a lot of crap out there that has been featured in AD or ID.

    Have to give the guy a break here, so be kind as you would like for others to be kind to your efforts. He is searching for something, probably more than many of you “harsh ones” will ever dare to do, right?

    Nice try “bro”, I kind of like the “familiar” Mondrian looking shelves?

  • trendoffice

    I think that all those negative comments have also something to do with our disappointment and bigger expectations. And I realise that it is a little unfair, although I do agree that some of the designs do not deserve to be produced.

  • Michelle

    Clearly never heard of the KISS rule.

  • Some people are really multi-talented. Bravo Brad!

  • Kenneth Smythe

    A fawning public brings out the best in a celebrity. He has given us his best and awaits our judgement.

  • As a furniture designer, I am happy to see passion about design. Brad is clearly deeply passionately involved and that is good for the world of design. Brad, if you want to learn more about ergonomics, product liability issues and costing, holla. In the meantime, good on ya.

  • Maybe it’s karma and Ron Arad will get a part in Ocean’s Fourteen.

  • irene gathambo

    Congratulation Brad. With this piece of work you are thinking out of the box. Everybody else just goes for designing shoes, clothes or perfumes. Design more!

  • Janan Habib

    That’s really bad. Even to give it a second look would hurt my eyes. No sense of aesthetics, no sense of function, no sense of safety, no sense of proportion – pure nonsense. Ugh and I had thought once that Brad Pitt must do Howard Roarke in Fountainhead along with Charlize Theron as Dominique, but now I changed my mind.

  • Andi

    Maybe designers are very good actors but haven’t tried acting yet.

  • VivaIkea

    I think it’s bad for a celebrity to go on about saving the earth and be economical, and yet the rarest woods in the world are used on (bland, first-year student) designs that only the wealthy can have. It’s a contradictory message that he is sending out. Good designs don’t need threatened hardwood trees.

  • Designer

    Outsider art has its place. The furniture world isn’t one of them. I’m sure the promoter of Brad’s personal sketches was thinking of $$$, not art.

  • DonnyMan

    That bed is pure filth.

  • Where’s it all going for you, Brad?

  • martino

    Flipping through these images is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The bed is gaudy and lacking soul. It looks like a Dubai hotel vomited on an Austin Powers movie.

  • elemonk

    I think we have a chicken and egg problem here. Designers want to become celebrities due to their designs and celebs want to be designers, vice versa. It might work out smoother and more profitable from one end, but doesn’t necessarily result in good designs. Nevertheless, let’s skip stereotype thinking – it’s a process of creativity no matter what profession or background you have.

    • rory

      I wonder if he has that furniture sitting around his chateau….I don’t think they will turn into classics, but what the heck.

  • reviewday

    What a joke.

  • Annie_MotherOfInvention

    Over all I like your designs Brad and Frank. The tables are my favourite, kind of classic. The chairs are interesting and remind me of some of the European furniture from the 1970s. I would love to sit in one to get the full effect. The least favourite for me is the bed, as it seems cumbersome. The wall piece is cool. I would like to see it in an installation to do it justice though. I love the design of the bath tub, though I question the use of the material. Would need more info about why you chose marble. I love that you are expressing yourself in all kinds of ways Brad. Keep up the good work.

  • Aaron

    Stingray skin? Really? Goodbye planet.

  • Ron Kaplan

    What this “collection” lacks is cohesiveness. There is no theme connecting one piece to another. This is a grand plan in a nascent stage. Consider though that Brad is doing it, putting himself out there, and trying. Brad has the first, most important ingredient – passion.

    No doubt he’s got the money. We only grow by ignoring the critic’s calls to quit, while still hearing and understanding the criticism. I think someone like Pitt won’t be deterred by the inconsistent result or the malicious cat-calls. True, the bed smacks of a Vegas fantasy suite (where do you insert the quarters?), but the mid-century cabinet/shelf works for me. It’s reminiscent of Jean Prouve.

    Lose the chair, and figure out a table that works with something (anything) else you make. Put your stamp on it, like you do with movies. When people see it, what will make them think Pitt Pollaro the same way they can readily identify a Stickley or Eames? The quality is there. Can’t wait to see the design.