Sidekick Stool by Timothy John
for Thanks


Product news: New Zealand design studio Timothy John has created a cork and steel stool inspired by the glass beakers used in science experiments.

Sidekick Stool by Timothy John for Thanks

Timothy John produced the stool exclusively for Thanks, an online fashion retailer based in New Zealand.

Sidekick Stool by Timothy John for Thanks

On top of its powder coated steel base is a hand-turned cork seat, which mimics the cork stoppers traditionally used with scientific equipment.

Sidekick Stool by Timothy John for Thanks

After a limited edition run of 24 black and white stools with cork tops, the Sidekick will go into general production with solid wood tops.

Sidekick Stool by Timothy John for Thanks

We've featured lots of cork on Dezeen, including a glass jar with a spherical cork stopper and a cork light fitting with a paper lampshade pinned to it.

We've also published glass vases and lamps inspired by a Victorian scientist’s laboratory experiments and a set of blown glass lamps that also resemble beakers and flasks.

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Here's some more information from Thanks:

Thanks is proud to release the Sidekick Stool, designed by Mt. Maunganui-based furniture designer Timothy John for the Thanks retail stores.

The Sidekick is visually light, unimposing and is easily incorporated into any space. It is inspired by the silhouette of a glass science beaker, resembling a 3D line drawing of its form.

As the contents of an old school beaker were contained with a cork stopper, so too the stool top is made of cork. Cork is a natural product that intrigues the senses. It is warm, smooth, velvety to touch and earthy to smell. It is also is impermeable, buoyant, non-allergenic and fire resistant.

  • Design NYC

    Love love love. So fresh yet reminiscent of the 1950s. Can see this working in residential and commercial spaces easily. Bound to be a classic one day. Good work Timothy John. New Zealand is starting to make quite a mark on the global market.

  • Roger Roger

    Nice, very similar to – perhaps inspired by – the Dare Studio wire tables.

  • Andi

    This is one of those products that looks normal although it’s new. Congratulations on that! It should be the ultimate goal of every design.

    • Mich

      True – this is absolutely nothing new! It’s just cork and a wire frame.

  • lii

    It’s a bit too similar to Benjamin Huberts Gabion table, but nice.