Bird sNest Box by
All Lovely Stuff


Bird sNest Box by All Lovely Stuff

Product news: British design brand All Lovely Stuff have created a bird box inside a flowerpot.

The Bird sNest Box by All Lovely Stuff is made by mounting the pot sideways and closing it with a disc of Douglas fir plywood, which has a hole for the bird to get in and a wing nut underneath for a perch.

Bird sNest Box by All Lovely Stuff

Designers Ed Ward and Carl Clerkin say the bird box is an ideal home for tree sparrows, great tits and pied flycatchers.

Dezeen filmed a movie with Clerkin earlier this year where he explained the brand's aim of creating functional wooden products with "a little bit of charm about them".

Bird sNest Box by All Lovely Stuff

Other products we've featured by the same designers include a wind-up toy that draws abstract patterns and salad servers shaped like dinosaurs.

We've also previously published a giant nesting box for both humans and birds in Japan and a wall of 1,000 nest boxes for birds and bats in Wales.

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  • trevor

    I really, really like this.

  • Pepethecarpenter

    When will designers realize that birds hate designer bird houses? Please leave them alone.

  • Truth

    How is this design? DIY with found objects at best

  • John

    Visually nice but practically nonsense. I hope they have plenty of product liability insurance when these start cracking and dropping on people’s heads.

  • Derrick

    Terracotta is porous. If this gets wet, I imagine it would make for a very cold and wet home. Saw one of these in the flesh and could only imagine how it would wick the water all the way around the structure as well. I do like the concept but how is the success rate?