Weight Here by KiBiSi
for Menu

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Product news: Danish design studio KiBiSi used a compound of stone and resin to produce these candle holders for Danish design brand Menu (+ slideshow).

Weight Here by KiBiSi for Menu

KiBiSi's Weight Here candle holders for Menu are made from Polystone, a mixture of plastic resin and powdered stone often used in kitchen countertops.

Weight Here by KiBiSi for Menu

Cast iron rings separate the candles from the Polystone bases

Weight Here by KiBiSi for Menu

The collection comprises a thin candle holder and candelabra plus a chunky candle holder and candelabra.

Weight Here by KiBiSi for Menu

The objects are intended to reference the shapes of traditional chamber candlesticks and candelabras, according to KiBiSi.

Weight Here by KiBiSi for Menu

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Weight Here by KiBiSi for Menu

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Here's some more information from KiBiSi:

Weight Here is a family of candle holders featuring distinct historic references to the iconic typology of chamber candlesticks and candelabras. The designs revisit the standard candlestick appearance and dimensions, and are natural extensions of these made to fit today’s candles.

Weight Here comes in four versions: S and M for ordinary candles and L and XL for block candles. The cast iron parts acknowledge historic artisanal techniques and the Polystone references KiBiSi’s link to modern architecture. These materials provide the candlesticks with a grounded feel and a solid no-nonsense appearance.

  • Colin

    I love the simplicity of this. I think the concrete is a good material, but it’s definitely not environmentally conscious.