Piamo by Gemodo Coffee
and Lunar Europe


This coffee maker brews an espresso inside a microwave in 30 seconds.

Piamo by Lunar Europe

Piamo was designed by German inventors Christoph and Hendrik Meyl, founders of Gemodo Coffee, with design studio Lunar Europe, and consists of a cup, water chamber, filter inlay and filter cap.

Piamo by Lunar Europe

After filling the chamber with water, the user places ground coffee or an espresso pad inside the filter and connects the two components.

Piamo by Lunar Europe

The water chamber and filter are flipped over and attached to the cup before being placed in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Piamo by Lunar Europe

The pressure of the steam created in the microwave then forces the water through the coffee in the filter to create a shot of espresso.

Piamo by Lunar Europe

The product is currently raising money on German crowdfunding website Startnext, where supporters who pledge €40 will receive a Piamo first.

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Here's some more information from Lunar Europe:

Piamo is the first espresso maker worldwide that works in the microwave. Piamo creates a fresh cup of delicious espresso within 30 seconds. Whether you prefer pads or ground coffee, Piamo can do both.

Simply fill in water and insert an espresso pad or ground coffee. Stack it, flip it and place Piamo in your microwave. Now your microwave does all the magic: due to heating pressure builds up and makes the water run through the coffee, creating your fresh espresso straight into your cup. Piamo is available through crowdfunding. Piamo supporters can secure their piece starting at 40 euros for early bird supporters.

  • omnicrom

    So it’s basically a cross between an Aeropress and a moka pot? I think I’d rather have the former or just a plain ol’ cafetiere. Looks nice though and I’m sure it makes good coffee.

  • Nick

    As an Italian who LOVES a good coffee done in the right way, I’m a little skeptical/puzzled about this.

    But I’d absolutely love to try it. I think they should arrange for ways to actually see the functioning firsthand and try the coffee, Salone del Mobile style.

  • JeffK

    As millions of coffee drinkers are trapped in offices all day with nothing but a crusty microwave in the communal ‘kitchen’, this could be a huge success!

  • Romain

    @jeffK I agree!

    However, if you consider the whole hullabaloo around espresso capsules (both nespresso and their competitors) you have to wonder whether this is a real improvement.

    Maybe there could be a multiple cup version? If you could make four cups of coffee in under 30 seconds without a professional machine, that would certainly be an impressive feat. But then, why not just brew a whole pot?

    Since I appreciate coffee almost as much as our Italian cousins, I salute this design. I just hope they’ve thought of one of the most annoying hassles of coffee making: taking care of the grinds once you’re done, they always seem to get everywhere :(

  • Andrea

    Where can I get one?