BN0106 by Braun is now available
at Dezeen Watch Store


Braun BN0106 at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: the latest addition to our collection of Braun watches at Dezeen Watch Store is the digital BN0106, featuring a prominent scroll wheel on the front for navigating through multiple functions.

Braun BN0106 at Dezeen Watch Store

The functions include two time and date displays, an alarm, a stopwatch and a countdown timer. The two time and date displays enable the wearer to monitor two time zones at once. Each function is easily navigated by rotating the scroll on the left hand side and adjusted by pushing the scroll in.

Braun BN0106 at Dezeen Watch Store

The watch is available with a rubber or stainless steel strap and comes with either a black or stainless steel face. A small button on the right hand side switches on the back light.

The watch is part of the iconic Braun collection at Dezeen Watch Store, now made under license by British brand Zeon. See the full collection here.

  • Athanasios

    Is the black version with rubber strap (not stainless steel) going to be available as well?

  • Hi Athanasios,

    We do not have that version available at the moment but may stock it in the future. To stay up to date with all new additions added to our store you can sign up to our Dezeen Watch Store newsletter using the link below.


  • Michelle

    Does it cook and grill too?

  • Wadi

    Hmm, not sure if Hannes Wettstein or Dieter Rams would have agreed to use Venturas’ scroll crown on this Braun timepiece.

    I find it a pitty they used the same idea for different brands and objects.

    • Chris

      They would, because:
      – the scroll is licensed to the manufacturer of this watch, which isn’t Braun by the way, it only acquired the rights to use the Braun brand name.
      – the design of this watch was made by StudioHannesWettsein, as you can see on their website.

  • Gary

    A stylish, elegant and minimal watch, TRASHED by it’s own less-than-subtle branding?