Paper Vase by
Pepe Heykoop


Product news: Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop has created a paper cover to turn any glass jar or bottle into a faceted vase, sold to help impoverished women in Mumbai make a living.

Each Paper Vase is handmade by the women of the Pardeshi community in Mumbai's red light district. The workshop was founded by Pepe Heykoop and the Tiny Miracles Foundation, which was set up by his cousin. "The ultimate goal is to pull this 700-person community out of poverty by providing healthcare, education and jobs within eight years," says Heykoop.

Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop

The vase is made of coated paper and comes in white or graduated green colour blocks. It's transported in an envelope and can be rolled down to fit different sizes of bottle.

Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop

Heykoop is known for his philanthropic design work and previous projects with the Tiny Miracles Foundation include lamp shades made from a patchwork of lambskin and traditional water carriers covered in leather. See all our stories about design by Pepe Heykoop.

Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop

Other similar vases on Dezeen include one made from a thin curl of synthetic paper and another folded from a flat sheet of cardboard. See all our stories about vase designs and all our stories about paper designs.

Photos are by Annemarijne Bax

  • marat
    Even the colour is the same.

    • reinierdejong

      A similar shape and colour doesn’t make it identical. Just look a little closer than that.

      • Ladam

        Agreed! It may look the same at first glance, but the concept and process are completely different. Open your eyes people!

  • Gaia

    This project doesn't deserve to be there.

  • Paul

    At first I thought that this was a new version of Phil Cuttance’s Faceture Vase. I was quite surprised when I found out that this was from another designer.