The Vamp by
Paul Cocksedge


Product news: London designer Paul Cocksedge has launched a gadget on Kickstarter that plays music wirelessly through vintage speakers (+ movie).

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge created the small portable device to give old and unused speakers a new lease of life.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

The Vamp connects to the back of any speaker via a two-way jack or red and black speaker wires, and can stream music from bluetooth devices within a ten metre range.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

Shaped like a cube with a corner sliced off, it can be attached anywhere on the speaker using a foam pad or a magnet that pairs with one inside.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

The battery inside the device that powers the speaker can be kept on constant charge while hooked up using a USB port or power adapter and has a rechargeable life of over ten hours when not plugged in.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

The Vamp is available in a choice of red, white or black for £35 through the Kickstarter campaign, which runs until the 28 April.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

Cocksedge suspended a mysterious neon phone number above a London street for our Seven Designers for Seven Dials installations, and contributed a lamp made from heat-shrunk polystyrene cups to the Stepney Green Design Collection we curated.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

Photography is by Mark Cocksedge.

Paul Cocksedge sent us the following information:

Paul Cocksedge launches The Vamp on Kickstarter

Thanks to modern technology, we’re now able to carry our entire music libraries in a range of portable devices, from laptops to mobiles and tablets. For sheer sound quality, however, the devices have not matched the superior audio quality of the conventional speaker. And portable Bluetooth speakers, which give consumers the freedom to link devices wirelessly and play music at any location, are expensive. Now, however, an established British designer, already renowned in international design circles for his innovation and creativity, has come up with a way to bring life back to the millions of speakers which still exist in our homes.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

London-based designer Paul Cocksedge has created The Vamp which will launch on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform for creative projects. The Vamp is a gadget which allows traditional hi fi speakers to communicate with today's world of portable digital devices, allowing them to be used in the house, the garden or the park – in fact, anywhere. Old speakers can now be transformed into a portable Bluetooth speaker –for as little as £35. New technology can quickly make our gadgets and appliances obsolete, The Vamp makes a real contribution to allowing us to retain the craftsmanship and quality of well-made speakers and use them to embrace the newest wireless technology.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

The Vamp is a cute cube shaped object with an inner magnet that allows it to stick to the side of the speaker. The internal battery can power any size speaker and means all the wires and clutter we are used to seeing are gone. It can receive sound via Bluetooth from any Bluetooth device within 10m.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge says: “For me, reusing perfectly good technology makes sense. Hearing the rich sound coming out of these older speakers in a new way is a delight. They are a part of our music history.”

For updates on the project, follow @PaulCocksedgeSt and #VampYourAmp on Twitter.

  • Bhavnesh

    So if I understand correctly, this is a wireless receiver and amplifier? That tiny thing is NOT going to “power any size speaker”. Not very well anyway – there’s a reason why amplifiers are the size that they are.

    Plus, how does this handle stereo sound? Using this would be such a waste of such great speakers.

    • Mike Speed

      A video on the Kickstarter page shows the sound… pretty good to me! I am a bit of a tech guy and nowadays it can be done with this size. Clever stuff. Good luck with this.

      • Matt

        It’s not possible to show the sound. The sound you are hearing when you watch the video is the sound of the speakers in your computer, not the speakers in the demo. In any case, the audio in the demo is an overlay track.

        The speakers will play in mono and the Vamp contains a 4-9 watt amplifier. The speakers are not going to play at anywhere near their potential, but I’ll guess they’ll compete with the kind of thing you might pick up for 20 quid from ASDA, which is their competition.

        • Hugo

          Actually the second video on the Kickstarter is not an overlay track, it’s the real deal! I think the point of this project is to give people an affordable, great-sounding, PORTABLE bluetooth speaker and to re-use and celebrate older technology that is still wonderful.

          • Matt

            It’s not the “real deal”, it’s a recording playing back on your computer. It’s like me complaining that the London Symphony Orchestra sounds tinny when I play it through my iPhone speaker.

      • Nicolas

        This is very much more focused on design than engineering. Different passive speakers have different impedances, which have to be matched. Therefore this device, as nice as it may look, will work poorly with most speakers.

        • Robert

          It looks as though The Vamp is meant for one speaker – no matching problem?

          • Matt

            He means matching the amp to the specific speaker, not matching the speakers to each other.

  • Lesley

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I need one in my life please. xxx

  • anteus

    AirPort Express in a new cubic package ;)

  • Bill

    Clever boy! So much smarter than some of the options on the market. A visit to the attic may be needed… but how much power can that battery deliver to big old-fashioned drivers?

  • Clifford

    Refreshing to see this kind of work. Keep up the good work.

  • Sarah P

    I’ve got loads of old speakers lying around at home. I think its a brilliant way to put them to use. I’m in!

  • Thomas

    Bluetooth! Do people still use that?

    • Hyaden

      Actually yes, Spotify – MBP – Tivoli Bluetooth is superb.

  • Donkey

    A magnet to attach the Vamp to the speaker?!

  • Concerned Citizen

    People who listen to MP3 sound are not concerned about sound quality. So any old junk speaker will do, even the one from your dad’s 1953 Chevy.

  • hannah watts

    This project is inspiring! I have been wanting to get a bluetooth speaker for ages but they are soo expensive and even the good-looking ones like the Jambox don’t really produce that great a sound. Looks, but no substance! I’m in on this one.

  • Dan

    So, we are totally ditching sound quality and durability for design looks? That’s a bit sad.

  • Gavin

    I love the fact we’re now calling knackered speakers from the 90s ‘vintage’.