Glass Farm by MVRDV
- night shots


When we posted a story about MVRDV's glass building printed with the image of a farmhouse, our readers wondered how it would be occupied and how the facade would look when illuminated from within. This new set of images reveals just that (+ slideshow).

Glass Farm by MVRDV

Located in the market square of small Dutch town Schijndel, this shop and office complex by MVRDV is disguised as an old farmhouse from afar but is actually made of glass, printed with collages compiled from photographs of local farmhouses.

Glass Farm by MVRDV

The building is intentionally out of scale, so it appears to be two-storeys-high when in reality it's three, while images of doors measure at a height of around four metres. This is intended to give visitors the illusion of being a small child again. To add to this sense of distortion, the doors and windows are mis-aligned with the printed images so that real entrances look like they pass through brick walls. Find out more about the Glass Farm in our original story.

Glass Farm by MVRDV

Photography is by Daria Scagliola and Stijn Brakkee.

  • zizi

    I like the way it blends with the surroundings.

  • Bassel

    Postmodernism is back, vernacularly!

  • nvt

    The pictures are so much better then reality. The building gives a poorly detailed and messy impression. The amount of duct tape around the window frames suggests that it is allready leaking. Highly conceptual and good for the pictures.

    • Gwen

      And where exactly do you see duct tape? So far the building is not leaking.

  • mvv

    Too big for the small village.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I thought it would be a place where glass was grown.

  • chinaimport

    Very nice idea.