Floating table by Ingo Maurer
for Established & Sons


Milan 2013: German designer Ingo Maurer's table without any legs has gone into production with British brand Established & Sons.

Floating table by Ingo Maurer for Established & Sons

The white table top appears to float at first glance, but is in fact supported on an extended arm from each of the four black chairs.

Floating table by Ingo Maurer for Established & Sons

Ingo Maurer devised a hidden mechanism beneath the table that allows the chairs to be pulled out so users can sit down. Rectangular and circular surfaces are available.

Floating table by Ingo Maurer for Established & Sons

The wooden table was first conceived in 2012 and has since been put into production with Established & Sons. The furniture was shown at Ventura Lambrate in Milan last month.

Floating table by Ingo Maurer for Established & Sons

We've recently featured a coffee table by Foster + Partners made from a stretched metal disk and a shape-shifting table that transforms from a square to a triangle.

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Here is some extra information from Established & Sons:

This innovative piece is the first production table from the widely celebrated designer, Ingo Maurer. On first inspection, it appears to be archetypal wooden kitchen table and chairs but on closer viewing the table is revealed as ‘floating’; without any legs, supported by a simple extending mechanism which connects the chairs. Maurer has drawn inspiration from magic, ethereal substance and weightlessness. Floating Table invites the user to look more carefully at their simple daily objects and furniture for elements of surprise.

  • JDH

    It doesn’t reeeally float, now does it.

  • asd

    I can see 16 legs.

  • emanuele

    Design for pictures. This time Established has disappointed me.

  • $£$£$

    Loss of function and flexibility for no apparent gain whatsoever. Anti-design?

  • geoff

    I wonder how many designers before him came up with the same idea and thought to themselves: “Nah, lets not do that, It’s silly.”

  • matt

    The rise and fall of Established & Sons… it was written in the politics.

  • beatrice

    I saw this on the Simpsons.

  • will maccormac

    Oh well, let’s be different: I rather like this.

  • Qruz

    It would be great if the chairs didn’t have any legs either! You can use my idea – no worries =D

  • Alex

    Established & Gone!

  • Attila

    I guess you could remove one leg (right-front) from all chairs to have 12 legs instead of 16.

  • Sultony

    The whole idea is weak because it denies the individual sitter independent movement and for what gain? Maybe no table legs afford more playing footsie under the table without any restrictions!

  • Andy

    Do they do one with five chairs?