Chair for Dali by
Kei Harada


Japanese designer Kei Harada has created two chairs made completely out of rubber.

Chair for Dali by Kei Harada

Harada based the project on a Surrealist image by American portrait photographer Philippe Halsman called Dali Atomicus, which illustrates a silhouetted chair crashing towards a chaotic scene that includes flying cats, a bucket of water and the artist Salvador Dali suspended in mid-air.

Chair for Dali by Kei Harada

The designer told Dezeen, "If I could change one thing about the photograph, I would transform the chair into a rubber one; by doing so, I could add a little ease to the photograph because a rubber chair would inflict less damage to the floor, walls, and the chair itself."

Chair for Dali by Kei Harada

The elastic material provides a more malleable chair, so the back and legs bend in response to the sitter's posture.

Chair for Dali by Kei Harada

There are two seats in the Chair for Dali series: one chair has a square back rest and is made of rubber with 70% hardness whilst the other has a rounded back and is made of rubber with 90% hardness, making the leg bracing unnecessary.

Chair for Dali by Kei Harada

Above: Dali Atomicus by Philippe Halsman

Other rubber furniture we've featured include Thomas Schnur's table with plungers for feet and a stool made from recycled rubber.

Chair photographs are by Kazutaka Fujimoto.

  • Pretty interesting idea. Problem is, given the nature of the material, Dali would have found this chair way too bulky for his taste.

  • Dan

    Lagos rubber jointed chairs do this with more effective unique style

  • Robert DeMir

    No, thanks. We don't need another ugly chair.