Globe lights by
Studio Vit


Light from small ceramic pendants is bounced off large steel bowls to form these lamps by London designers Studio Vit.

Globe lights by Studio Vit

The Globe lights comprise matte ceramic spheres on long flexes, which can be used on their own, grouped together or directed onto the bowls.

Globe lights by Studio Vit

Each steel bowl is painted gloss white and they can either be placed on a surface or wall-mounted.

Globe lights by Studio Vit

"The collection explores how geometric volumes relate to each other and the juxtaposition of materials and light," say Studio Vit designers Helena and Veronica.

Globe lights by Studio Vit

The pair presented their work at the Salone Satellite showcase for young designers at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last month.

Globe lights by Studio Vit

Past projects by the Swedish duo include glass lamps with marble collars and a modular storage system comprising eleven different boxes.

Globe lights by Studio Vit

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Globe lights by Studio Vit

Photographs are by Annabel Elston.

  • rock

    With thanks for the concept to Anish Kapoor, among others!

    • Earth 2 Matilda

      Luckily we’ve got you to save us from this unoriginal work and give credit where it’s really due.

      I’ve always hated these smart-ass comments, ever since I was in design school, there always has to be that minority of fence sitters who take any chance for name-dropping artists and designers when looking at other’s works, maybe to seek approval for their “knowledge”, maybe to lie to themselves about the fact that they can’t produce worthy work for themselves. I’m very sorry to vent my anger on you but your comment crystallises the one attitude I despise.

  • Like these little ‘bowl-balls’ – they’re playful and minimal.

  • Bouroullec brothers?

  • mmmhhh

    That doesn’t seem to be very efficient.

    • aaaaaahhh

      And efficiency is, of course, all that anybody should strive for.

  • ber

    It looks nice but those big bowls don't seem to work as reflectors. Even in the dark shots the effect is hardly visible.

  • Klaus

    So if you buy one of those pendant lamps they will gift you with a salad bowl?

  • Alex

    This is a sculpture disguised as design. Then you can buy it or not.

  • Desk

    Totally useless. Basically the designer doesn’t understand the basics of light. Firstly the bowl has to be of a matte or low sheen surface (non-gloss) to catch the light to re-throw/re-diffuse it. Please go back to the drawing board and understand how light works first!