Zaha Hadid Design Gallery
opens to the public


Clerkenwell Design Week 2013: Zaha Hadid has opened a gallery in Clerkenwell, central London, to display her furniture and design to the public (+ slideshow).

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens
Marble tables for Citco on the ground floor

The ground floor and lower floor of the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery contains furniture, lighting, jewellery and paintings by the architect.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens
Interlocking Nekton stools in foreground

There's also a floor of architectural models upstairs, available to view by appointment.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens
Zephyr sofas

The space was previously home to a pop-up hair salon designed by Hadid during last year's London Design Festival.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

Following the launch during Clerkenwell Design Week, the gallery and showroom is now open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday between midday and 6pm at 101 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7EZ.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

We reported on the highlights from the design fair last week, including lamps that look like vats from a milking parlour and a target made of reflective pixels that change with the light – see all products and events from Clerkenwell Design Week.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens
Zephyr sofas and shelves from Seamless collection

Last week two temporary wing-like seating stands were removed from Hadid's Aquatics Centre at the London 2012 Olympic Park, allowing the building to be seen for the first time as it was originally designed.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens
Furniture and lighting for Slamp downstairs

Developers recently unveiled images of Hadid's proposed 60-storey residential skyscraper in Miami, USA – see all architecture by Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens
Shoes for Melissa in foreground

Photographs are by Luke Hayes.

Here's some more information about the gallery:

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery

Zaha Hadid Design opens a new Gallery and Showroom featuring innovative product and furniture designs over 2 floors. Also featuring paintings and other artwork by Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

Zaha Hadid Design creates a wide variety of pieces for living and for the home, from sculptural jewellery to limited edition furniture, experimenting with architectural projects at a small scale, exploring the latest technological and material innovations, as well as responding directly to commercial briefs.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens
Architectural models upstairs

Her portfolio spans a concept for an entire room to bespoke jewellery commissions. The gallery, arranged over two floors, is the first opportunity to view exclusive new designs recently shown in Milan, alongside a showcase of iconic products and original artwork.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

Many of the products are available to buy so if you are interested please ask. The space hosts an ever-changing programme of exhibitions and collaborations. We have recently hosted a pop-up hair salon and we regularly showcase emerging fashion and jewellery designers.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

As an architect and designer, Zaha Hadid's designs explore spatial concepts at all scales, from the city to individual product, interior and furniture commissions.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

Her projects are internationally renowned and have won the Royal Institute of British Architects Stirling Prize in two consecutive years.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

She was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2004, becoming the first woman to receive architecture's highest honour, and her Aquatics Centre was the centrepiece of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. She is also engaged in experimental research, leading an architectural practice and teaching.

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery opens

  • Anger Mouse

    Zaha Hadid Architects is a firm with over 400 staff, surely it is incorrect to constantly refer to any design that is created by this large corporation as “her” design? Unless Richard Rogers, Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster et al are single-handedly designing half of the world’s buildings, shoes, furniture and domestic fittings.

    • Getoverit

      Oh, would you please do us all a favour and get over it. I work for Zaha. For many years actually.

      In publications ZHA generously extend the credits up to the most junior intern. Something you wouldn’t notice because your bias can’t handle evidence to the contrary. At openings of buildings and numerous times Zaha has thanked her staff by name for all the hard labour and dedication.

      It is pretty simple: There would be no Zaha Hadid without Zaha Hadid. That should not be so difficult to understand, should it? If I take the risk to start my own company, credit for the work done in my company will go to me. Don’t like it? Start your own company then. So simple right?

      Any architect who doesn’t think like that is either pretty stupid, or worse, a liar. Just look at the mess that guy got into over his winning entry for the museum in Israel.

      I am so done with people who have no clue about who we are and what we do at ZHA but still feel inclined to post their fake concerns – to great applause from all the other fake concerned people – which are definitely not our own.

      • nicolas

        So it would be interesting to tell us how you typically work on a project at ZHA. What happens after you get the brief or programme? When does Zaha gets involved and how?

  • luca trombetta

    Spaceship has landed!

  • Briano

    Furniture from the future! Let's switch to an alternate timeline before that future arrives.

  • alex

    Models only by appointment? And I hope visitors are allowed to sit on the furniture – it is furniture after all ;)

    • Camober

      I was there during Clerkenwell Design Week – no pictures or sitting/touching allowed :/

  • Miguel

    Personally, I found this furniture ugly and kind of kitsch.

    • 308GTB

      Miguel, we personally have no interest in your meaningless comments. You are just offending many colleagues of yours who have been working hard on those products without suggesting any logical criticism. I wish you will receive the same comments on any work you will publish… if you ever manage to get published.

  • MAX

    TRASH…this is not architecture!