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Sophie Nuttall


Pages by Sophie Nuttall

Stationery and ring-bound sheets of paper influenced this collection by Westminster fashion graduate Sophie Nuttall.

Pages by Sophie Nuttall

"I fused various white and cream fabrics, mainly neoprene, to create structure and reflect the vast blank space of a page aspiring to the subtle different tones of different pages," Nuttall told Dezeen.

Pages by Sophie Nuttall

Small holes were laser cut along the edges of fabric, mimicking paper punctured down its binding edge. "Trying to mimic the printer paper from my childhood with its hole perforated edges, I loved the idea of something being so blank and pure," said Nuttall.

Pages by Sophie Nuttall

White circular reinforcements were implemented around larger eyelets that acted as arm, shoulder or head holes. Metal rings linked the holes together so no sewing was required and each piece was made detachable so it could be connected to others in various ways.

Pages by Sophie Nuttall

Square shapes were folded and draped to create a selection of silhouettes including rectangular and diamond shapes. Some materials were patterned with lines or grids to look like pages from a school exercise book.

Pages by Sophie Nuttall

Also at the Westminster BA Fashion show, Philli Wood presented pink and orange parkas printed with giant cable knits. Other 2013 graduate fashion collections we've written about include pastel garments moulded from knitwear and headdresses covered in colourful spikes.

Pages by Sophie Nuttall

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  • vincent

    Conceptual fashion… meh…

    • Sebastian

      Generally, it depends on the quality of the concept. In this case I’m completely with you. So meh. There are way more interesting concepts in the world of fashion than this.

  • amsam

    Oh boy, that’s um… Yeah…

  • Anders

    Wouldn’t it have been better to work with sheets of neoprene as sheets of neoprene instead of trying to make it look like stationery?

  • brononamous

    Yeah ideas are a waste of time.