Bird chair by
Jungmo Yang

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Product news: South Korean designer Jungmo Yang has created these simple wooden chairs with bird-shaped armrests.

Wooden bird chair by Jungmo Yang

Jungmo Yang designed the armrests as anthropomorphic shapes, but kept efficient simplicity as a principle throughout the rest of the design.

Wooden bird chair by Jungmo Yang

The supports flow upwards to connect with the backrest, which has been formed from a single piece of smoothed ash wood.

Wooden bird chair by Jungmo Yang

"The smooth curves of the Bird provide comfort to people when they use the armrest," says the designer. "Bird is designed for physically and visually comfortable positions with the shape of the backrest and seat."

Wooden bird chair by Jungmo Yang

The wooden bird chair is available to buy directly from Jungmo Yang's website and come finished in either mat dark grey, or a nay blue colour.

Wooden bird chair by Jungmo Yang

We've a number of wooden chairs recently, including a Panton chair cut out of a tree trunk using a chainsaw, and curved wooden chairs with cut-out backs by London designer Simon Pengelly for Modus.

Wooden Bird chair by Jungmo Yang

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  • sungsoo

    Good. I’d like to sit on his work!

  • sowat
  • Concerned Citizen

    Flat seats are so horrible for sitting. Otherwise, the design is just another flavor of thousands like it.

  • DesignSux

    Good job! Hipster chair.