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Dezeen archive: this week Zaha Hadid unveiled a pair of shoes featuring striations - parallel ridges like those carved into rock by a glacier. Striations and strata - horizontal layers of material such as sedimentary rocks - are common inspirations for today's architects, as this archive of geologically inspired projects shows (+ slideshow).

Strata and striations in architecture and design

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Yinchuan Art Museum by WAA

Projects include Yinchuan Art Museum by Chinese architects WAA, the form of which is derived from the layers of sediment that have built up over centuries at the museum's location close to the Yellow River.

Dolomitenblick by Plasma Studio

The form of Dolomitenblick by Plasma Studio is based on the topography of the surrounding Dolomite mountains in northern Italy.

King Abdullah II House of Culture by Zaha Hadid Architects

The King Abdullah II House of Culture by Zaha Hadid Architects is inspired by eroded rock formations at Petra in Jordan.

St Hilaire church in Melle by Mathieu Lehanneur

The marble podium created by Mathieu Lehanneur at the St Hilaire Church in Melle, France is based on the strata of sedimentary rock upon which the church is built.

NOVA shoes by Zaha Hadid

And here are the shoes by Zaha Hadid that feature geological-style striations - a common theme in her work.

Strata and striations in architecture and design

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  • Ursula

    You should have mentioned Joseph Walsh Studio’s formations & layering series, it’s incredible!

  • Gimmeabreak

    Justifying building striation by saying it’s based on underground strata is just so lame. Every time one fancies horizontal layering, this explanation can be employed.