Zigzag by ISSSStudio
and deSc

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This jagged wall decorated with patterned graphics was designed to invite visitors into an art fair in New York City.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio

Created by Igor Siddiqui of Austin-based ISSSStudio and Deborah Schneiderman of Brooklyn research studio deSc, Zigzag occupied in the reception of the METRO Show,  an art exhibition that took place at New York's Metropolitan Pavilion in January.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio

A piece of matte-black vinyl placed on the surrounding floor created a pretend shadow, intended to emphasise the presence of the 30-metre-long wall.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio

Siddiqui and Schneiderman digitally designed the wallpaper to reference elements of the exhibition, covering both contemporary and traditional art. Rather than repeating the various patterns, they adapted each surface to fit the geometry of the angular panels.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio

"This project explores how new technologies are redefining the role of pattern and decoration in the contemporary interior" says Siddiqui.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio

A hand-painted red-painted canvas covered the the back of the panels, framing a seating area for visitors.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio

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ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio
Concept diagram

Photography is by Frank Oudeman 

Here's a project description from the design team:

Zigzag is a temporary installation designed by Igor Siddiqui of the Austin-based ISSSStudio, in collaboration with Deborah Schneiderman of the Brooklyn firm deSc. Commissioned by the Art Fair Company for the annual Metro Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City, Zigzag served as the main entry point into the fair and provided the visitors with a memorable first impression of the event.

Installation floor plan - click for larger image

The installation's main element is a continuous 100-foot long zigzag wall, clad in custom wallpaper that abstractly references the exhibition's diversity of content. On the floor, matte-black vinyl–cut in the shape of the shadow that the wall would cast if sun-lit–defines one's sense of arrival to the Metro Show. The installation's faceted panels, the back of which is constructed from bright red hand-painted canvas, also create a more intimate guest lounge furnished by the prominent online vintage retailer V&M.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio
Installation elevations - click for larger image

Using rules of perspective, the design playfully engages visitors by offering an ever-changing visual experience based on movement and point of view. The graphic wallpaper invites the users to construct their own connections between what may be traditional and what is contemporary–not unlike the content of the fair itself. Designed digitally in its entirety, the project explores how new technologies are redefining the role of pattern and decoration in the contemporary interior. Unlike conventional wallpaper, which is ultimately based on repetition, every square-inch of Zigzag's surface is uniquely customized to fit the geometry of the angular panels and reflect the specificity of the context.

ZIGZAG installation by ISSSStudio
Geometry diagram - click for larger image
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