Patch Project by
Beza Projekt


Patch Project by Beza Projekt

Polish design studio Beza Projekt has created a range of joints for DIY furniture that resemble plasters from a first-aid kit.

Patch Project by Beza Projekt

The Patch Project by Beza Projekt consists of crosses and strips made from sheet metal with five holes at each tip to accommodate screws.

Each one is bent in a different way to form a range of angles when used to join standard sections of softwood from a hardware store.

Patch Project by Beza Projekt

The components are finished in red so they become a stand-out feature of the resulting furniture, rather than technical details to be hidden away.

"There is no need to install them evenly," say the designers. "Chaos is incorporated into their design, so you can spontaneously form constructions where the technical component is also a decorative one."

Patch Project by Beza Projekt

"Usually these details are considered extremely technical," they continue.

Patch Project by Beza Projekt

"We suggest that they are the most important element of the furniture and construction. By material, finish, shape and colour they interact and define the character of the furniture."

Patch Project by Beza Projekt

To demonstrate the system they've built a work station based on a pirate ship, shown here with their Pole Chair made of cork.

Patch Project by Beza Projekt

Beza Projekt comprises designers Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska, Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik and Tomasz Korzewski.

Photos are by Jacek Kołodziejski, with retouching by Wojciech Stopiński.

  • Sam

    Playful and delightful. But what the hell is going on in the last picture?

  • jack

    Really interesting project, but I’m questioning the strength of the joints and in turn the longevity.

  • garry

    They’re plates with screws in.

  • Jesse22

    I saw the same thing in France in 2009 – a collection of metal pieces called “Roi du Noeud” (king of knots)!