RSi-studio win award for
3D architectural image


News: Parisian design agency RSi-studio have sent over the image that won them the award for Best Commissioned Architectural Image at the 2013 CGarchitect 3D Awards last month.

RSi-studio's prize-winning image is a visualisation of an office building in Paris by Hardel Lebihan Architectes.

The CGarchitect 3D Awards is an annual award that recognises the best in 3D visualisation. This year's winners were announced on Saturday 6 June 2013 at the Mundos Digitales Conference in La Coruna, Spain.

RSi-studio is a 3D visualisation agency based in Paris. It was founded by Matthieu Blancher and Gael Nys, both graduates of the Camondo School in Paris. The studio has produced imagery for architects including MVRDV, BIG and Dominique Perrault.

  • Munchman

    Looks to me like they put more effort into the surrounding environment and stuff in the foreground than the actual building.

    • Hayden

      Welcome to the world of BUILDING images, my friend.

    • SilverRey

      Anyone with a small amount of CAD skills can build a model. The realism of a rendering depends solely on context – surrounding a made-up item with real items and texture. You are correct: I can guarantee you they did spend a lot more time on the surrounding environment.

      • Munchman

        All I was getting at is that the lighting, atmosphere of the actual architecture is pretty bland. Now I’m not questioning the architecture per se, that’s not the render firm’s job, rather the lighting and atmosphere of the actual building. Now if they could have given the architecture the same atmospheric qualities of the foreground I would have been more impressed.

  • gwen

    An award for a wet and grey northern European image, sponsored by prozac.

    • Chris

      Might be wet and grey but northern Europe is infinitely better designed and interesting than your North American counterpart. I’m inferring your American nationality based on your obsessive need to product-place pharmaceuticals.

  • south

    No, no, the idea of architectural renderings is to make your building look like the utopian messiah that has arrived to redeem humanity and shoot beams of lights through the clear skies it brings, forever. This sort of realism is just going to create more cancelled projects.

  • Masepanovic

    Should architecture firms really be entering rendering competitions?

    • James

      They are not an architectural firm.