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Mutewatch - Indigo Blue

Dezeen Watch Store: the popular touch-screen Mutewatch is now available in three new colours - and Dezeen Watch Store is one of the first retailers to stock them all.

Mutewatch - Nova Purple

Mutewatch was conceived when company founder Mai-Li Hammargren was living with a boyfriend who worked late night shifts. Just as he was getting to sleep in the early morning, her alarm would go off and wake him up. The solution? A silent alarm clock, worn around the wrist.

Mutewatch - Ivy Green

The design was inspired by the founders’ need for a personal wake-up alarm and the minimal-meets-retro aesthetic takes cues from Rubik's Cube and classic Swedish design.

Mutewatch - Charcoal Grey

"We're passionate about developing products for people who love simplicity and beautiful design," said Mutewatch CEO and co-founder Mai-Li Hammargren. "We focus on the user experience, creating refined and useful tools for a mobile generation with the aim of simplifying people's lives."

Mutewatch - Pure Black

The integrated touch-screen allows the wearer to switch between functions by swiping across the display, tapping the top of each digit to activate the timer or alarm.

Mutewatch - Indigo Blue

Mutewatch plugs into a USB port and is fully charged within two hours. The device warns the wearer when the battery level is low and will automatically enter a hibernation mode.

Mutewatch - Charcoal Grey

Mutewatch features a fully adjustable wristband and is available in five colours: ivy green, nova purple, indigo blue, pure black and charcoal grey.

Mutewatch - Nova Purple

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  • Vinduespudser

    Very beautiful watch. I might need that, because my clock alarm wakes up my whole family when I need to get up early for work.