ImagineHouse by
A.Masow Design Studio


A concrete house designed to balance over the edge of a hillside in Kazakhstan is the latest addition to our series of stories featuring photo-realistic renderings (+ slideshow).

ImagineHouse by A. Masow Design Studio

Named ImagineHouse, the one-room residence is designed by A.Masow Design Studio for a woodland area located 15 kilometres outside of Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city.

"The customer required a home that will be isolated from the noise, dirty air and bustle of the city," explained architect Almasov Aibek.

ImagineHouse by A. Masow Design Studio

Clear glass walls will surround the building, sandwiched between a pair of thick concrete slabs for the floor and roof. Wooden louvres positioned over the glass will offer shading and some privacy.

ImagineHouse by A. Masow Design Studio

Solar panels will be fitted to the roof to provide electricity, while rainwater will be collected and stored beneath the house so that it can be purified and recycled.

ImagineHouse by A. Masow Design Studio

Almasov Aibek modelled the building in 3ds Max during the design process, then used Adobe Photoshop to create the life-like presentation images. "I mentally lived in this project for several days," he told Dezeen.

Other projects we've published featuring hyper-realistic renderings include designs for a timber-clad home in England and an office block in Paris.

ImagineHouse by A. Masow Design Studio

Professional visualiser Henry Goss recently told Dezeen that "the addition of real world imperfections" is making it difficult to tell the difference between renderings and photographs, while architect Magnus Ström claims that investing in quality CGI is "more effective than advertising".

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  • urbane.abuse

    Looks great, but I’m afraid this house is possible on some other planet: one with no gravity.

  • michael

    Maybe, if you work with UHPC or if the glass could be constructive – otherwise, I would say, forget about it structurally.

  • Yoda

    “Structurally this works how?” quipped Yoda with some bafflement. “Room there is not in our design galaxy. Rubbish this is,” idled our green friend using The Force to ensure his hemp loincloth wasn’t soiled by the fetid swamp hovering over he was. LESS FANTASY PLEASE DEZEEN.

  • Prole

    Realistic in that the light fitting appears to be the same depth as the roof construction. I can’t see that being a problem.

  • Rutger

    Where is the swing?