Candy Chair
by Jeong Yong

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South Korean design student Jeong Yong has created a prototype armchair with round balls on each arm and leg.

Candy Chair by Jeong Yong

"I wanted to make a chair that is sweet and cute," Jeong Yong told Dezeen. "Candy chair is a simple design with circular points."

Candy Chair by Jeong Yong

The Candy chair features a backrest and seat made from plywood and a solid ash frame.

Candy Chair by Jeong Yong

Yong told Dezeen that Candy is available directly from him and comes in a range of "candy-like" colours including orange, blue and yellow.

Candy Chair by Jeong Yong

Yong is due to graduate next year from Konkuk University Global Campus in Seoul.

Other products by Yong featured on Dezeen include a pair of chairs with grid-like frames based on traditional Korean furniture and a calendar made from three magnetic rings that align to display the date.

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Photographs are by the designer.

  • JayCee

    Looks like it was made out of Keeklamp.