Over 200,000 people apply
to live on Mars


News: more than 200,000 people from 140 countries have applied for a one-way ticket to join a human settlement on Mars (+ slideshow).

Mars One

On Monday non-profit organisation Mars One closed their first call for volunteer astronauts wanting to travel to the red planet.

The £4 billion project, founded by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp in 2012, plans to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023 and has proposed that humans will live in a modular environment made up of multiple inflatable units.

Mars One

The settlement would comprise of 1000 m3 of living space - a total of 250 m3 per person for a team of four. The colony would live inside 'lander' living units that each feature an inflatable living section. The landers would be installed by roaming rovers and be filled with breathable air from a life support unit before the humans arrive.

Mars One

"As the habitat will be modular, and constructed using fully redundant systems, even if one inflatable unit is damaged beyond repair, the habitat will still be secure and fully functional," said the organisation.

Mars One

There will be solar panels outside of the living quarters and an indoor farm for growing and harvesting foods.

Mars One

In April, Mars One launched an application website to search for the volunteer astronauts and asked people to submit videos to pitch why they should be selected for the colony. In five months the organisation received 202,586 application videos from people across the world.

Three further application rounds will take place over the next two years. Mars One will then select up to ten teams of four individuals for a seven year training programme - and in 2023 just one team of four people will travel to Mars and settle permanently on the planet, according to the organisation.

"The first footprint on Mars and lives of the crew thereon will captivate and inspire generations; it is this public interest that will help finance this human mission to Mars," said Mars One.

Mars One

Other space features to appear on Dezeen recently include a proposal for the colonisation of Mars with caves built by robots and an orbiting factory that will use 3D printing and robots to fabricate giant structures in space.

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Here's the full announcement from Mars One:

Over 200,000 apply to first ever recruitment for Mars settlement

The first round of the Mars One Astronaut Selection Program has now closed for applications. In the 5 month application period, Mars One received interest from 202,586 people from around the world, wanting to be amongst the first human settlers on Mars.

Mars One

Mars One applicants come from over 140 countries; the largest numbers are from the United States (24%), India (10%), China (6%), Brazil (5%), Great Britain (4%), Canada (4%), Russia (4%), Mexico (4%), Philippines (2%), Spain (2%), Colombia (2%), Argentina (2%), Australia (1%), France (1%), Turkey (1%), Chile (1%), Ukraine (1%), Peru (1%), Germany (1%), Italy (1%) and Poland (1%).

From this applicant pool, the Mars One Selection Committee will select prospective Martian settlers in three additional rounds spread across two years. By 2015, six-ten teams of four individuals will be selected for seven years of full-time training. In 2023, one of these teams will become the first humans ever to land on Mars and live there for the rest of their lives.

Each Round 1 applicant is now being screened by the Selection Committee, which is expected to take several months. Candidates selected to pass to the next round will be notified by the end of 2013. The second round of selection will start in early 2014, where the candidates will be interviewed in person by the Mars One Selection Committee.

Aspiring martians who have missed Round 1 or could not meet the age restriction can join subsequent Astronaut Selection Programs. Mars One will commence regular recruitment programs as the search for follow-up crews continues.

  • The prof

    Truth is it isn’t going to happen. It would take considerably more than £4 billion to achieve and it’s doubtful that the trip to Mars would be survivable with current technology.

    What I think is being forgotten is that this would be a one-way trip. You ain’t coming back.

    • tin

      “In 2023, one of these teams will become the first humans ever to land on Mars and live there for the rest of their lives.”

    • Cody

      It will work!!

    • Nick

      True, but by the time this is all revealed as a fake/impossible, the people running this will have made millions and millions from putting the training on TV.
      It’s Big Brother 2.0

      • Mark

        They ain’t making £4 billion from a TV show or whatever else. Whether they succeed or fail it’s a step in the right direction for the future.

      • xev

        Hell the President went to Hawaii with his family for vacation, it cost him and his family 10 million for their vacation, look it up!

    • matt blaze

      Yeah, it’s a scam to make money done by our scamming government and globalists. You idiot donors need to wake up. The trip to the moon was fake as well. Morons!

  • Gregor

    It’s ethically wrong…

  • Jimmyboy82

    Read a lot about this recently and still nothing convinces me that the eventual chosen applicants will last out the 7-8 years of training or that they could survive the first year in space.

    People are comparing this to Columbus. I think one certainty he had was that he would not have to survive colossal levels of radiation, zero gravity and the possibility that his innards would explode out of him the second his space suit didn’t work as normal.

  • scottlee67

    When did man stand on Mars? The late 60′s you say. WOW thats news to the world.

  • Andy

    Not sure why so many people are mad or calling this insane. Is it wrong to seek a dream? Four billion may not seem much on this kind of project, but it is a start. 200 years ago, others would tell you that humans flying in an airplane across the world in 14 hours was insane too.

    We may not know all that we need and it may not happen tomorrow, but one day it will happen. Just maybe not in the kind of picture we are imagining right now.

  • wonderman2k

    I don’t think it’s insane at all, granted the voyage and reentry being critical. If these settlers can somehow bring a means of production/manufacturing with them, these explorers will pretty much have an open planet for development.

    I’d go, even as some sort of lab assistant or manual labor. Eventually over the years, more settlers would arrive and it could literally become an interesting town of scientists, engineers, and visiting entrepreneurs.

  • Elgreco

    I agree with Andy & Kaiser. Not enough cash & why go if you’re not going to survive? As for conditions, storms, meteors, sand etc.

    We can`t make a decent space-station – so many year`s just wasting so much money? Movies have shown us no station, no travel. This mission is like Colombus going to America on a raft.

  • Matthew Vincent

    Very true but got to say sending all would not happen, the first 4 people would be a test.

  • hk47

    What you people are not realising is they are the first people on Mars, they don’t need to populate straight away as it wouldn’t be long before they interbreed lol

  • http://www.basabose.me/ Mr Basabose

    200,000 folks ready to burn and waste their precious lives. When are we getting just 100,000 dedicated humans to work in trying to fix this blue planet of ours?

    • L

      Truth is that only 2,000 humans are going to live and work there. The food, the entertainment, the electricity, the gravity, and sending messages to the earth – IT ALL COSTS. Not in the billions, but in the TRILLIONS!

  • Ken

    What would you do for a Klondike bar?

  • Brielle

    Not when move in but you’d have to call the cable guy.



  • TeamEdwardJace

    If they raise enough money while ensuring to use it wisely too – like for social programs – I don’t oppose it. Perhaps there will be new medical discoveries there.

  • Christina

    There’s no water on Mars. So how are they going to shower?

    • Marshal

      Better yet, humans need water to survive. Where’s that coming from?

  • chriss

    Stupid people, surely the don’t have any idea what is waiting for them on Mars. People, check the Montauk Project.

  • JohnHousecat

    That was the Moon.

  • jh

    They’re talking about all this money going to another planet but they need to take all that money and concentrate on what’s going on in this world.

  • usernamecc11

    What I don’t understand is the inability of people to think and to understand that we have the tech now and that the funding for this project has been building over the course of decades. Just remember science fiction of the previous generation is science fact of the now. In order to change the way we live we must change the way we think.

  • Devilworshipper

    We are a long way from this ever happening. Scientists haven’t even overcome the physical problems travellers would suffer. Ex- astronauts have much lighter bone density through travelling to the moon, and Mars is millions of miles further away. They don’t know yet whether anyone could survive the six-month (on average) journey.

  • Openurmind

    Nasa has already stated that Mars has a similar atmosphere to Earth, with a little manipulation we could create oxygen and everything we have here. Plants, trees and such make oxygen and they are obviously going to have a green house. This is not that far fetched. Try to stay open minded, it’s too easy to be negative and say something cannot happen, but if we all did that we would have nothing.

  • ChiefYoungBlood

    Bruno Mars?