Google unveils new logo


dezeen_Google logo_1sq

News: internet giant Google has unveiled a simplified logo that flattens its colours and ditches the drop shadow.

Following days of speculation, Google revealed the news in a blog post yesterday. The new logo will appear within a redesigned version of the search engine's homepage - the most visited website in the world.

Google unveils new logo
Existing logo

"As part of this design, we’ve also refined the colour palette and letter shapes of the Google logo," wrote Eddie Kessler.

The new homepage will be rolled out to users in upcoming weeks and will feature a revised menu bar that groups links into an "app launcher" on the right-hand side of the page, rather than within the existing black menu bar.

Google unveils new logo
Updated menu design

Rumours first circulated earlier this month that Google was planning to update its logo, after the flatter version showed up in a beta version of Chrome for Android.

The new logo is more in line with the cleaner graphics and uncluttered interfaces of Apple's iOS 7 operating system, which was launched worldwide this week.

Google unveils new logo
New app launcher

Other brands to relaunch logos in the last year include the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and American Airlines.

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  • robert

    in other news, Coca-Cola rotated their logo 1.7 degrees counter clockwise on all Diet Coke cans.

    • boooo!

      In graphic design, sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

      • robert

        This is not one of those times.

  • Charlie Bing

    “The new logo is more in line with the cleaner graphics and uncluttered interfaces of Apple’s iOS 7…”

    I think that just about nails the how – and the why – of their logo update. Criminy.

    • AndrewSparkes

      Really? Apple itself explicitly acknowledged Android’s flattened GUI as the inspiration for the flattened iOS7. Not in the actual unveiling event, but in interviews after the fact, I mean.

      So really what you’re saying is that Google simply carried on its own trend that’s been going on for years now while Apple has tried to finally copy that these past few months.

      I’m sorry, but Apple simply isn’t that innovating nowadays – they make make things shinier and work better together, but let’s not say the obvious lie that Apple came up with flattened graphics.

      If anything, they were the LAST major company to embrace that in their icons/logos/GUI/etc. Look up “Apple + skeuomorphism” on Google if you disbelieve me!

  • you jaewook

    At the first time I saw this logo I thought “what has changed from before?” Honestly. Almost people. Like online users cannot detect this change…
    why can this little change be an issue? I cannot understand it.

    • Henry Floyd

      Just because you wouldn’t notice, doesn’t mean other people wouldn’t. I noticed it right away. The smallest changes can make a big difference, even in determining the “mood” or “age” of a logo at first glance.

  • Floong

    Call me a kerning Nazi, but the kerning here could be better. (Actually don’t call me a kerning Nazi, prefer kerning Genghis Kahn).

  • Munchman

    I actually think it’s a good change. There was no need for a branding but the slight update does make it look more contemporary. Whether this update actually warranted reporting on Dezeen is another matter…

  • john

    Kerning people!