Rise & Shine by
Hunting & Narud


Rise & Shine by Hunting & Narud

London Design Festival 2013: a large brass weight counterbalances this circular mirror by London design studio Hunting & Narud.

Hunting & Narud's Rise & Shine features a circular smoked-glass mirror attached to a rope that wraps around a small birch wood disc fixed to the wall.

Rise & Shine by Hunting & Narud

The rope can be adjusted up or down to change the height of the mirror according to how tall the user is, or "to simply play with the composition and reflection of a room," the designers said.

"By blurring the definition of its use, the mirror does not limit itself to a specific room," said Amy Hunting.

Rise & Shine by Hunting & Narud

Rise & Shine was originally designed for the klubben group show in Norway. It was exhibited during the London Design Festival last week, at the OKAYstudio & Friends exhibition in Ben Sherman’s Mod_ular Blanc event space, along with opaline glassware by Mathias Hahn.

Hunting & Narud's range of giant pivoting Copper Mirrors weighted down by large stones are also on show for the festival.

Rise & Shine by Hunting & Narud

Other mirrors featured on Dezeen recently include two-way mirrors that reflect vinyl stripes covering the walls of an art gallery and a huge mirror installation where people appear to be scaling the walls of a London townhouse.

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Photographs courtesy of Hunting & Narud.

  • Larry Bird

    That is fantastic! Finally a product that is actually useful. When I leave in the morning to my NBA basketball training sessions, my dwarf girlfriend finds it very annoying that she can’t reach the mirror. Well, no more! ; p

  • YDesigner

    Cool shapes bro!

  • Richard Sanchez

    Ha ha! It’s actually a good product. It’s beautifully designed, nice and simple, and it has kitsch function that might actually be useful to some NBA basketball players like Mr. Bird.

  • lee pascal

    All very nice, but wasn’t it nice enough the first time around. Don’t know who designed it (maybe the basket ball player, or his girlfriend) but was in an exhibition by Okolo a year or two back: http://www.dezeen.com/2012/10/29/mirrors-by-okolo-klara-sumoova-at-designblok-2012/