DP pour Les Trois Garçons
by L3G Designs


London Design Festival 2013: the restaurateurs behind east London restaurant Les Trois Garçons have launched a furniture collection in collaboration with Portuguese manufacturer De Pau (+ slideshow).

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Side table 1

The collection marks the launch of L3G Designs, an interior design firm led by Hassan Abdullah, Michel Lasserre and James Gold, co-owners of Les Trois Garçons and London bar LoungeLover.

The first collection, called DP pour Les Trois Garçons, launched last week during London Design Festival and comprises twelve pieces including side tables, coffee tables, shelves, sideboards and seating.

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Coffee table. Photograph by Luke Hayes

Speaking to Dezeen at the launch event, creative director Abdullah said that the collection was designed to fit in different environments. "Having the possibility to change the shape and look of the items also maximises the appeal and the practicality of the items," he told Dezeen. "For instance the coffee table made of two triangles could be reconfigured from a square coffee table to suit a rectangular space."

Abdullah further explained that customers can custom-select materials, colours and sizes for each product. "For L3G Designs, we think it is very important that clients can order the products to their own requirements without the price of bespoke furniture," he said. "Not everyone has the same colour scheme or preference for the type of wood, marble and metals."

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Side table 2. Photograph by Luke Hayes

One side table has two brass-clad drawers stacked on top of one another. "It pivots for ease of use and it is also stackable to create a chest or a tallboy," explained the designers.

A second table features three stacked units of brass, marble and oak, which gradually increase in size towards the top.

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Side table 3

A third cube-shaped side table has contrasting colours and retractable sliding trays on all four sides.

DP pour Les Trois Garcons
Coffee table 1. Photograph by Luke Hayes

A multileveled coffee table made in solid oak has square inserts available in glass, mirror or marble.

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Coffee table 2. Photograph by Luke Hayes

A series of interlocking tables with coloured edges and of varying heights form a second coffee table design. "The taller one can be used for TV dinners or playing games," explained the designers. "The configuration of the tables can be changed to create an ever-changing look."

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Shelving unit

A modular shelving unit made from solid oak has compartments that can be moved and fixed at varying heights.

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Shelving unit 2. Photograph by Luke Hayes

A second shelving system has a solid oak frame and coloured drawers and cabinets that can be positioned in different places.

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Sideboard 3

The collection also includes an oak framed sideboard with coloured drawers and doors, available with brass or wooden feet and door handles.

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Arm chair 1

The new collection was launched during London Design Festival 2013 last week at the newly redesigned Maison Trois Garçons cafe in east London.

Other brands launched during the festival include Joined + Jointed, Wrong for Hay by British designer Sebastian Wrong and Danish design brand Hay, and Noble and Wood.

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De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Side table 1 and 2. Photograph by Luke Hayes

Photographs are by Les Trois Garçons and Luke Hayes.

Here's more information from the designers:

DP pour Les Trois Garçons

Les Trois Garçons is delighted to present its debut furniture collection. Designed in collaboration with DP [De Pau], the collection is a fusion of meticulous design, natural materials and traditional skills.

De Pau for Les Trois Garcons
Coffee table 2. Photograph by Luke Hayes

The grace and simplicity of this range combines the refinement and elegance that has brought Les Trois Garcons international acclaim with the uncompromising quality of DP, a family-owned business that has been making furniture in Portugal for three generations.

DP pour Les Trois Garcons
Shelving unit 1

The simple lines and natural materials make for a collection to suit any home. Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of the collection; all the furniture comes in a variety of finishes to suit your taste, and many of the items are customisable.

DP pour Les Trois Garcons
Arm chair 2. Photograph by Luke Hayes

The range will be available for sale on our website and at a handpicked selection of the world's finest retailers.

About L3G Designs

L3G Designs is a boutique interior design firm that specialises in high-end hospitality, retail and residential projects. Having enjoyed great success with their own restaurant Les Trois Garcons, and bar LoungeLover, L3G Designs also provides F&B consulting services.

Under the creative direction of Hassan Abdullah, L3G create imaginative, memorable and elegant new spaces.

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