Hair Typography by
Monique Goossens


Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

Amsterdam designer Monique Goossens has made a typeface with strands of human hair.

Goossens' Hair Typography is crafted by arranging bunches of hairs into the shapes of single letters. Each character has a dense centre and becomes increasingly sparse towards the edges.

"The shapes of the letters are created by forming the hairs into a legible character," said Goossens. "The ends of the hairs create an organised chaos - an energetic play of lines, which form a haze around the shape."

Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

The script letters have fluid strokes and the designer compares the individual filaments to fine pen lines. Each letter has interwoven curling lines and can be made in a variety of weights.

Once the letters are formed, Goossens photographs the characters for reproduction. The designer told Dezeen that she hopes the font will be used for magazine or book covers, and individual commissions can be made directly from the designer.

Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

Goossens studied interior design at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam, and photography and design at Design Academy Eindhoven. She currently teaches Interior Design and Visual Communication at Academie Artemis.

Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

Other objects made of hair on Dezeen include a hairbrush, a lamp and a range of spectacle frames.

In other graphic design news, British graphic designer Peter Saville was named winner of this year's London Design Medal and announced he is working on a new identity for Kanye West.

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Images are courtesy of the designer.

Here's a full project description from Goossens:

Hair Typography

The hair letters consist of hundreds of hairs and give the impression of being fine pen drawings. The basic shape of the letters are created by forming the hairs into a legible character, during which I follow the natural characteristics of the hairs: curly, rounded corners, springiness.

To a great extent, it is the dynamic of the hairs which determines the shape of the letters. The ends of the hairs create an organized chaos, an energetic play of lines which forms a haze around the letter’s basic shape.

Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

About Monique Goossens

Designer Monique Goossens studied at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam, graduating cum laude in Interior Design Styling in 2006. During her studies, she developed an interest in the relationship between design and photography which she went on to explore in depth during further study at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

Monique Goossens' work includes elements of both design and autonomous art. It often takes the form of staged images in which she challenges established concepts of function and material. In consequence, shifts occur at elementary level and result in a degree of estrangement. A refined appreciation of materials enhances this process, leading to beautiful and unexpected discoveries. Photographs of these scenes become the definitive works.

Monique's work is playful, humorous, surprising. Her graphic work follows a similar process as she collates photographs into books and develops letter types using a range of materials.

Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

Monique currently teaches Interior Prognoses at Academie Artemis.

  • Volantt


    • not bald

      It’s not really disgusting though is it? Its not like it’s in your soup. Ever heard of a “lock of hair”? It can be quite romantic and these letters are really quite beautifully and delicately drawn with it. I like them a lot.

  • jhv

    I like the movie better than the hair typography.

  • Dario

    Looks dirty and disgusting! I do not like it.

  • pierre

    I was going to complain about designers doing everything to be published (mainly shocking), but I actually kind of liked the typo.

  • Léo

    I’m curious to see a text, or at minimum a word using these letters. Otherwise it’s useless.

  • generalpopulation

    Your disgust really just derives from your own perceptions of discarded hair.
    How exactly is it dirty? Since when was hair antonymous with hygiene?

  • he´s got a bold typeface, too.
  • renee

    I love it! Next time I’ll have a closer look at my shower drain.

  • Stephen

    I think it’s great. It’s weird, different and beautiful all at once.

  • Pieter Nooten

    Innovation always challenges common taste… I think it is authentic and quite stunning!

  • Groovy.