Kulula airline


The tongue-in-cheek livery of South African airline Kulula includes a "This way up" sign on one plane and points out the locations of key components on another (+ slideshow).

Kulula airline livery

Kulula's lime green Flying 101 aeroplane is covered in text explaining what each of its parts is called and white arrows pointing to where they are located.

Kulula airline livery

The titles of the aircraft parts are accompanied by comical comments written beside them in brackets.

Kulula airline livery

"This plane was designed in-house by our graphic design team as part of our bigger strategy to demystify air travel and explain some of the unknowns around air travel and flying," the airline commented.

Kulula airline livery

Seats adjacent to the emergency exits are highlighted as the "throne zone" due to their extra leg room and the plane's registration number is dubbed its "secret agent code".

Kulula airline livery

Features not visible from the outside such as seats, overhead compartments and toilets (noted as "mile high club initiation chambers") are marked out in dotted lines.

Kulula airline livery

The graphics were designed for Kulula in 2010, along with a design for a Boeing 737 that has a "this way up" graphic painted in green along the side of the white plane.

Kulula airline livery

We've previously featured Mariomekko's floral designs for the livery of two Finnair aeroplanes and American Airlines' latest logo design.

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  • Rae Claire

    Won’t be so funny if there’s an accident. Planes can be decorated, sure, but think how your aircraft will look after a crash.

    • peetmick

      Yes, it would be a faux pas to be dressed inappropriately for a disaster.

    • The Fake Robert

      I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.

    • generalpopulation

      That’s possibly the most pessimistic, yet redundant, critique of design I’ve ever seen on this website.
      What next? Dog tags for all passengers?

  • Eli Cramer

    Very witty.

  • Rae Claire

    What are ‘parties?’ And remember to wear clean underwear just in case. I appreciate the comments, but I stand by my evaluation of the design as needlessly hubristic.

  • Ham

    A very good damn design!