Aurora Pots with iridescent lids
by Phil Cuttance


Each of these resin pots by London-based New Zealand designer Phil Cuttance is embellished with a unique iridescent sheen on its lid.

Aurora Pots with iridescent lids by Phil Cuttance

Phil Cuttance hand-cast each simple Aurora Pot with a rounded bottom and flat lid from a water-based resin.

Aurora Pot by Phil Cuttance

He submerged the lid under water and drops a small amount of polish onto the surface to form an oily slick. He then lifted the lid up, catching the colourful pattern on its top.

Aurora Pot by Phil Cuttance

"I have always liked the visual effect of oil or polish slicks on water," Cuttance told Dezeen. "I wanted to simply find a way to transfer a polish slick from the water's surface and preserve it on an object."

Aurora Pot by Phil Cuttance

The slick created by the polish is different each time, so every pot in the set is one of a kind.

Aurora Pot by Phil Cuttance

Photography is by Petr Krejčí.

  • alex

    This type of stain is traditional to Czech porcelain. did he know that? Yeah.

  • Eagleore

    A masterful and measured approach to form, finish and light. Bravo.

  • valentin dommanget

    Interesting. I did these pieces 2 years ago :

    • edobec

      Beautiful. In fact, your design is even more interesting than this one.

  • ebjahsucgu

    Beautiful but where are the lids?

    • Valentin Dommanget

      My own pieces were not meant to be boxes, that’s why this is interesting.

  • Valentin Dommanget

    Thank you. Feel free to see more of my works at