Dezeen's Marcus Fairs wins Business
Web Editor of the Year award


News: Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs has been named Business Web Editor of the Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors.

Fairs picked up the award at the BSME Awards ceremony in London last night, with judges praising Dezeen as "seductive" and offering a "satisfying user experience".

Dezeen was shortlisted for three BSME awards in total - the equal highest number of nominations by any publication at this year's ceremony. Fairs was shortlisted for the Business Brand - Free Circulation award while Dezeen columnist Sam Jacob was shortlisted for Business Columnist of the Year.

Dezeen's Marcus Fairs wins Business Web Editor of the Year award
L-R: Andy Parsons, Marcus Fairs and Diane Kenwood

"This editor’s website offers a seductive and satisfying user experience, presenting a highly specialist topic with impressively broad appeal," said writer and comedian Andy Parsons, who presented the award.

The BSME awards are widely considered the most prestigious awards in UK publishing. Other winners this year included GQ editor Dylan Jones, who won the men's brand award, and Saturday Times Magazine writer Caitlin Moran, who won the consumer columnist prize. Spectator editor Fraser Nelson won the Editor's Editor of the Year award.

The BSME award is the second major award Dezeen has won. Last year, we were named Digital Business Publisher of the Year by the Association of Online Publishers.

Dezeen editor-in-chief and founder Marcus Fairs
Dezeen editor-in-chief and founder Marcus Fairs

Fairs, who founded Dezeen in 2005, is on the shortlist for Multi-Media Journalist at the International Building Press (IBP) awards next week, where Dezeen is also shortlisted for the Digital Service prize.

In 2005, Fairs won the BSME's Brand Building Initiative of the Year award for the Icon Design Trail - the map-based guide to the London Design Festival that he created while editor of Icon magazine.

  • Paul O’ Brien

    Congratulations! Dezeen is a vital source of information for architecture, design and the bizarre. I visit the site every couple of hours on a daily basis and hope to do so for many years to come.

    Best Wishes,


    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you! We really appreciate your kind words.

      Best regards,


  • concernedcitizen

    Now I am reading this article about an award for best web editor, and at the same time I am seeing that there are eleven trackers on this website trying to track me. Not such a good practise isn’t it? Glad I am blocking them…

  • djnn24

    Completely deserve it. Dezeen is what has inspired me to choose to study architecture at university.

  • snowden

    Also the selective censoring of comments deserves an award.

    • Is there a particular comment you’re referring to? We don’t really “censor” comments but we do have a policy regarding what we allow and don’t allow in comments:

      For some reason the link to the policy has disappeared from the comments engine but we’ll get it put back asap.

  • T Anthony.

    Can’t believe you missed out on the award for relentless and laborious coverage of 3D printing…

  • Haha we’ll be sure to enter that one next year!

    • T Anthony

      Yeah, but don’t expect a big presentation and posh glass award, they simply email you the file to print in office…

      In all seriousness, congrats on the award, surely deserved.

  • Alex Wybraniec

    Hello, I’m Alex W and I do the web stuff for Dezeen, so thought it best to respond.

    There are three types of tracking code that might appear within a page. They are:-
    – Analytics tracking: Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Stat Counter
    – Ad related tracking: Quantcast and various tracking codes used by our advertisers
    – Tracking relating to third party site: Code from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Disqus, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Soundcloud

    As a website, we rely on all of the different codes to:
    – understand how well we are doing and what can be improved
    – monetise our content in a way that allows us to continue to do what we do
    – provide functionality that integrates into other sites.

    All of this is fairly standard stuff for content driven, free to view sites.

    If you are concerned about your privacy then we encourage you to use the appropriate tools. You can find out more information here and if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

    Alex W

  • donald

    Well done and indeed well deserved. I am consistently impressed with the level of taste on Dezeen.

  • zee

    Congrats Marcus! Design of the award didn’t get published though ;)

  • Damian

    Congratulations! Is that a swimming pool print on the bottom of the award?

  • The base is embedded with some kind of blue crinkly foil. It does indeed resemble the surface of a swimming pool. Marcus/Dezeen

    • Damian

      Judging by this, the British Society of Magazine Editors don’t seem to be fully aware of the potential of the UK design scene. :)

  • Morgan

    Stop blowing your own trumpet. There is too much of it in architecture.