Titan digital pocket watch by Ziiiro now in stock
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Dezeen Watch Store: Titan, the first digital pocket watch from Ziiiro, is now in stock in five distinctive colours.

Titan by Ziiiro

Titan is a lightweight pocket watch from the Hong Kong-based watch brand. The detachable black metal chain strap enables the timepiece to be worn as a pocket watch or as a pendant.

Titan by Ziiiro

As with previous Ziiiro watches, the Titan dispenses with conventional time-telling techniques, replacing numbers with an LCD display. The face includes an outer ring which is divided into 12 segments, representing hours elapsed. The inner ring is divided into 60, each representing a minute. The inner graphic changes orientation from am to pm.

Titan by Ziiiro

Although inspired by a classic style, the Titan continues to explore the Ziiiro approach: zero buttons, zero loose parts and zero numbers.

Titan by Ziiiro

The 48 milimetres case is made from anodised aluminium and is available in five colours: cherry, black, azure, chrome and purple.

Titan by Ziiiro

Buy the Titan by Ziiro for £135 with free shipping.

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Titan by Ziiiro

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  • ment

    I am sorry but this looks horrible.

  • rancher

    I like the style, something different.

  • Chris MacDonald

    Very cool.