Marching figure transforms into architectural
forms in animation by Universal Everything


A lone computer-generated figure marches forward whilst morphing through an array of architectural structures that include geodesic domes pixellated blocks and complex lattices, in this animation by multimedia studio Universal Everything (+ movie).

Walking City movie by Universal Everything

Matt Pyke of Universal Everything based Walking Architecture on the futuristic imaginings of 1960s architecture group Archigram, creating a vision of a city as a living organism that strides on despite its changing size and form.

Walking City movie by Universal Everything

As the movie starts, the figure's proportions resemble those of a human body. It gradually becomes abstracted as time goes on, transforming into different shapes that include a cluster of pixellated cubes and a striated mound.

Walking City movie by Universal Everything

"The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters," said Pyke.

Walking City movie by Universal Everything

The title, Walking Architecture, is a reference to an Archigram project called Walking City - a concept by British architect Ron Herron for a system of nomadic robot buildings that could walk freely to wherever their resources or manufacturing capabilities were needed.

Walking City movie by Universal Everything

At the end of the movie the figure returns to its original form, ready to begin the transformation again.

Walking City movie by Universal Everything

  • Ziggomatic

    Needs to be about 2x as fast.

  • Matt

    Made with Houdini.

  • Very cool, I would be interested to know if it was Grasshopper or Maya that was used for this.

  • Matt Larry

    It’s looking great. I got an idea from this animation style. I want to create an animated character which walks like human but its body made of flees.