Cup holder by Bookman
for coffee-fuelled cycling


Swedish bicycle accessory brand Bookman has created a cup holder that snaps onto handlebars so city bikers can cycle with their takeaway coffees (+ movie).

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

The Bookman cup holder is constructed out of two rings and a steel spring, completely free of screws and glue.

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

Squeezing together the two rings opens the spring so it can be placed over the handlebars, clasping securely into place when the user lets go.

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

"The Cup Holder sits firmly in place never losing grip even during rides over bumps and potholes," said Bookman.

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

The rings are different sizes so cyclists can flip the cup holder over depending on whether they ordered a small or large drink.

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

The cup holder comes with a little storage cube that fits inside the spring, holding the two rings together to keep it neat and tidy when not in use. It is available in black, white, red and green.

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

Bookman also produced bicycle lights that are attached by simply stretching the elastic cord around the handlebars or seat post. We filmed a short interview with Bookman's Johan Lidehäll about the lights at the Interiors UK trade show in 2012 - watch it here.

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

More cycling accessories on Dezeen include magnetic lights that turn on when they snap to the frame and an inflatable helmet that folds away into a scarf.

Cup holder by Bookman for coffee-fuelled cycling

  • mb4design

    Bookman lights: yes. Clip on disposable cup enabler: no. Try for a re-usable cup with integrated bike attachment clip.

  • H-J

    And when you have to brake, or hit a bump in the road you’ll be covered in hot coffee. Brilliant.

    • TLR

      Duh, it’s for fixies only – no braking.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Great idea… for normal people. But bikers in the USA are not normal. They are always dressed like professional bike racers, riding the same $20,000 bikes on weekends. And they only ride on the main thoroughfares so they can be seen by the largest number of people. They have rejected all proposals to remove them from motorways for that purpose. So, their bikes don’t have room on the handlebars for cups.

  • cyclist

    Unless they’re those cups with the little fold-over tab on the lid to stop it spilling it’ll still go everywhere. Not to mention it’s easier to just buy a flask with a closing lid and put it in your bag. Also the clamp must have to be very strong to stop the weight of the coffee from tipping it forward, especially on the bumps.

  • Cool bike accessory!

  • Francino

    With the weight of the liquid plus constant movement and vibrations on the road, I doubt that will stay upright for the entire cycling trip.

  • Dan

    I think it’s really funny when people draw black and white conclusions about the development of a product from watching a 40 second video clip. Bookman’s products have proven reliable so far. Do you think they just forgot to cary out the R&D phase this time?

    Furthermore, this obviously isn’t for every cyclist, but I’ve taken leisurely sunday rides where a cup holder would have been nice. If the rider is sipping coffee while cruising, I don’t think inertia is a major concern.

  • Bork

    I don’t even like coffee, why would I want this?

  • olof

    Yay! Now when the Hackney bikers overtake stopped buses without looking at incoming traffic or indicating, they can enjoy their sips of flat white.

  • What about a simple gimbal system to hold the cup like the type used for a ship’s compass:×273.png