BleepBleeps launches parenting devices
that look like toys


Designer Tom Evans has developed a range of parenting gadgets that look like collectable toys.

Bleepbleeps by Tom Evans

Calling the collection Bleep Bleeps, Evans took normally sterile objects such as a baby monitor, thermometer and fertility tester, and styled them with details resembling faces, bright colours and fun names in a bid to make them more family-friendly.

Bleepbleeps by Tom Evans

"There’s a bunch of gadgets and devices out there to help parents, but most of them are dull and uninspiring," Evans told Dezeen. "I want to make parenting easier for myself but I also care what things look like too."

Bleepbleeps by Tom Evans

The parenting devices all sync with a smartphone app that provides alerts, tracks data to help identify patterns and offers advice.

Bleepbleeps by Tom Evans

"More and more things in life have the potential to be controlled by our smartphones," said Evans. "The whole Internet Of Things scene was exploding and I saw an opportunity in uniting three very disparate worlds: parenting, connected devices and great design."

Bleepbleeps by Tom Evans

The first prototyped device was a thermometer called Tony Tempa (after rapper Tinie Tempah). It comes with a bow tie and takes an in-ear reading that is immediately displayed via an LED display on the back, and relayed to the app to track changing temperature during an illness.

The first product to be available though will be Sammy Screamer, a motion device that sends a push notification to the parent's phone if it is moved.

With a Bluetooth range of 30 metres, Sammy is designed to be attached on any item the user wants to monitor - a door, buggy or the lid of a biscuit tin. The device also has an audible alarm with volume and sensitivity controlled via the app, and attaches using a magnet or loop.

Other products in the pipeline include a male fertility tester called Master Bates, an ovulation tester called Olivia P Sticks and a baby monitor called David Camera.

Bleepbleeps by Tom Evans 

  • Bobby D


  • nana

    Ah finally something nice for parents. All that baby stuff currently available on the market is vile.

  • Concerned Citizen

    And here I am, thinking that a parenting device is a man and a woman, instead of inanimate objects.

    • Heather Kallinger

      Y’know, I’m AP, as hands on as it gets for parenting outside of the helicopter parent, and yet, I haven’t learned how to determine the exact temperature of a fever by skin alone, and while I’m pretty great at guessing at my fertility, a thermometer and a calendar go a long way for determining how accurate said guessing is.

      Also, as with most families, I don’t have both a man and woman here at all times (although I disagree that both are needed by any means, two men, two women, a handful of each – all these can parent just as effectively as the standard model).

      While some of these (such as the monitor) would be useless to me, some might be helpful and cute.

      “Parenting aid” would be more accurate for these devices, if you’re just whining about semantics.

  • cor

    They have to get used to being watched as soon as possible!

  • Concerned Citizen

    The facts of mother-father parenting do not support your beliefs. It only takes a little research to determine that. With normal parents children generally perform better in society, perform better in school, and are more likely to excel. I know your beliefs are popular, but they are unsupported.

    And yes, “Parenting Aid” is a more accurate term.