Movie: Tadao Ando's art and design school
for University of Monterrey


This movie by Mexican film agency Nation tours the school of art, design and architecture that Japanese architect Tadao Ando completed last year at the University of Monterrey in Mexico.

The Centro Roberto Garza Sada, also known as the Gate of Creation, is a chunky concrete block designed by Tadao Ando with triangular slices across its two sides to create the appearance of a twisted structure.

Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte Arquitectura y Diseño by Tadao Ando

Rectangular voids at each end expose stairwells and an open-air amphitheatre, while entrances are located beneath the shelter of the building's raised underside.

The six-storey interior is organised so that each floor accommodates different departments, encompassing digital facilities, visual arts, textiles, photography, model-making and fashion. Overall, the building accommodates studios and teaching rooms for 300 students.

Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte Arquitectura y Diseño by Tadao Ando

See more photographs of the Centro Roberto Garza Sada in an earlier story on Dezeen.

Photography is by Roberto Ortiz. Movie is by Nation.

  • mitate

    No one does concrete like Tadao Ando, but it needs a Japanese formworker touch.

    • MIke

      Agree… I can see shoddy work even from these photos. Must’ve been easy for Ando to plonk the work he had originally designed for Abu Dabai here :D

  • scott

    What a concrete beauty.

  • Gary Walmsley

    Sorry folks, I have to disagree. I don’t have concrete, but I do hate raw concrete. There is so much that can be done with it, and so little of any good is – yes, in my opinion.