Paul Smith tints Anglepoise desk lamp
with clashing colours


Clerkenwell Design Week 2014: British fashion designer Paul Smith has put his stamp on the Anglepoise Type75 desk lamp, adding colours to the iconic aluminium design.

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

The special edition of the Anglepoise lamp has the same form and functional elements as British designer Kenneth Grange's 2004 iteration.

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

Paul Smith picked a set of discordant colours to add to different elements of the lamp.

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

"It has been brilliant to work on this project," said Smith. "Anglepoise is such an iconic piece of British design, I am honoured to have been involved."

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

Bright pink, light blue, olive green, yellow and light pink have been used on each of the sections that make up the aluminium arms, while the shade is off-white.

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

The grey cast-iron base is printed with Smith's signature, which is also the logo of his brand.

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

The original Anglepoise lamp was designed  in 1932 by automotive engineer George Carwardine, who invented a new type of spring that stays in position after being moved in any direction.

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

Anglepoise is displaying Smith's lamp at the Design Factory exhibition in the Farmiloe Building on St John Street during London's Clerkenwell Design Week festival, which continues until 22 May.

Anglepoise lamps Paul Smith

The design will be available to pre-order online from mid August, and will go on sale in Paul Smith stores and selected retailers in September.

  • Matthew

    Tempted to take apart my Tertial from IKEA and spray paint it now, it looks really good!

  • Mr Walnut Grey

    Can’t Paul Smith just leave things alone?! Look at what he did to Hans J. Wegner’s urbane designs with that dated print of his!

  • LL

    Meh. If a first year design student had come up with this design it would have been panned, and rightly so. It’s amazing what recognised designers can get away with.

  • Jono

    They should put their energy into a sensitive, intelligent design update:

  • Geert Schriever

    Kissing cousins.

  • Ade Isplayname

    Clown colours? Figures.