Picto watch by Steen Georg Christensen and
Erling Andersen arrives at Dezeen Watch Store

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The Picto watch from Danish design group Rosendahl has arrived at Dezeen Watch Store in four new summer colours.

Danish designers Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen created Picto in 1984 as attempt to "capture a picture of time", but  it has now been given an update in four new colours: pinkwhite, dusty green and dusty blue.

Picto in dusty green/red
Picto in dusty green/red – Above: Picto comes in four new summer colours

A steel dot marking the hours is affixed to the rotating watch face – creating an effect that represents the earth moving and time passing– while the minute hand moves as normal.


Picto is the first wristwatch to use this rotary disk system, which is powered by a Japanese-made Miyota Quartz movement.

Picto in dusty blue/dark brown
Picto in dusty blue/dark brown

Produced for the watch branch of Rosendahl Design Group, Picto comes with a hardened mineral glass lens and leather strap.

Picto is available in four new summer colours

Since it's original launch, the watch's design has been given a place in the permanent collection at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Click here to see the Picto range at Dezeen Watch Store »

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