Vivienne Westwood launches
Virgin Atlantic uniforms

Vivienne Westwood Virgin Atlantic uniforms

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has unveiled her line of uniforms for airline Virgin Atlantic.


Vivienne Westwood has redesigned the full range of uniforms for the 7500 members of staff working on Richard Branson's airline.

"She was the natural choice to redesign the uniform across all areas of our business," said a statement from the airline. "Firstly because original design and sustainability are vital to both Virgin Atlantic and Vivienne Westwood."


The final outfits were shown at an event in London last night, after being trialled by members of the Virgin Atlantic team since the designs were first released last May.

The uniform for female cabin crew features a bright red jacket with nipped in waist and high collar detail, paired with a pencil skirt with a hemline that slopes towards a back pleat.


A matching red double-breasted coat has an oversized collar and gathers at the waist.

The outfit is accessorised with a red shoe incorporating the Westwood's signature hourglass heel and a red leather bag that features diamond-shaped handles.

Men wear a three-piece suit deep burgundy Oxford weave wool, also available in grey, worn over a white shirt with wide collar.


Dark charcoal tailored suiting including a single-breasted jacket has been designed for the flight crew, with a cravat for women and a tie for men.

A hand-drawn wings detail recurs throughout the collection, which also extends to attire for the airline's Clubhouse hospitality staff.


The head of Vivienne Westwood's couture line Brigitte Stepputtis recently worked with London studio ScanLAB to produce the first fashion shoot created with 3D laser scanners instead of cameras.

Virgin Atlantic's upper class bar and cabin was designed by VW+BS, while Pengelly Design created an airline seat that converts into a 2.2-metre-long bed for the company.

  • Look sharp! Only the notorious Mugatu could have done a better job.

  • Rae Claire

    Those look sharp, but I do hope there are pants and flat shoe options. High heels? Confining skirts? I find it hard to believe any employer in the 21st century would require such unergonomic footwear for persons on their feet a lot. And what about emergencies?

    Can flight attendants perform emergency manoeuvres in straight skirts and run from a crashed plane in danger of exploding in their nifty pumps?

  • David

    Probably not, but they will look good trying.

    • Rae Claire

      Don’t know if you remember the 60’s – check out PSA flight attendant outfits from that era. Those were the days. They had hourly flights from San Francisco to Los Angeles; miss one and hop on the next – no security. Just like a city bus.

  • jan

    Those seem standard fit for airline staff… pants? Flat shoes? I don’t think so. Emergencies – staff are supposed to take shoes off, staff also don’t stand the whole flight.

    • FlyingGirl

      We do actually wear flat shoes as soon as we’re on board the aircraft, and yes we do stand or walk the whole flight (apart from maybe a one-hour break on a long flight)! The skirts are surprisingly comfortable and not confining at all, it’s a lovely uniform :-)