Snook Architects combines brick and concrete
for suburban house in Liverpool


Behind a dark brickwork exterior, this suburban home by British studio Snook Architects features a double-height entrance lobby, a rugged stone fireplace and a skylight that covers an entire corridor (+ slideshow).

West Morlands by Snook Architects

Located in a leafy suburb outside Liverpool, the Westmorland house was designed by local firm Snook Architects as the residence for a couple in their mid 40s.

The building has a concrete structure that is exposed throughout the interior, while the exterior walls are clad with a dark engineering brick, interspersed with large windows and timber panels.

West Morlands by Snook Architects

"Bricks were used to accentuate the cantilevering nature of the solid void over the glazed ground floor corner and emphasise the horizontal proportions of the design," architect Neil Dawson told Dezeen.

West Morlands by Snook Architects

The entrance lobby creates a natural divide through the centre of the house. Upon entering, residents can turn left to enter the main living and dining spaces, go right to find a garage and study, or head straight upstairs.

"The double-height entrance space, concealed on the front facade, is a surprise experience once the property is entered, exposing the garden and intricately designed steel staircase," said the architect.

West Morlands by Snook Architects

The large living room centres around a log fire, which sits between the lounge and dining areas. The walls are bare concrete, complemented by wooden furniture, stone floor tiles and a patterned rug.

West Morlands by Snook Architects

"The warm concrete mass, with its full-height windows and central log fire offer a meeting of the industrial and the cosy," said Dawson.

"Natural stone tiles allow for a unbroken run throughout the open-plan space and offer excellent thermal properties for the underfloor heating," he added.

West Morlands by Snook Architects

The study and library at the back of the house provides a second living room that residents can use as a quiet retreat for reading or watching television.

"Almost a snug, the room is disconnected from the open nature of the house to retreat and read in relative calm," added the architect.

West Morlands by Snook Architects

The rectilinear top floor gently overhangs the level below to create a subtle cantilever, increasing the size of the master bedroom and en suite bathroom.

This floor also features four guest bedrooms, positioned on both sides of the corridor with a full glazed ceiling.

Photography is by Andy Haslam.

Westmorlands by Snook Architects
Ground floor plan – click for larger image
Westmorlands by Snook Architects
First floor plan – click for larger image
  • Concerned Citizen

    Do these floor plans go with the photos? The plans show a kitchen, long and narrow, with a window on a long side. The photo shows a nearly square, windowless kitchen.

  • Martha

    Can’t say I love the project but it’s always great to see projects by firms outside of London getting some attention.

  • Yes, they are the correct plans. The ‘splashback’ is the window – covered by a blind in the main photo. See this additional image for clarification.