HCWD launches white-concrete version of portable LED Brick lamp


New York-based HCWD Studio has released a white-concrete version of its cordless brick-shaped lamp, which is activated by movement rather than a switch (+ movie).

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

The minimal Brick light has an LED panel on one side, and is activated when lifted up and deactivated when laid flat.

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

"The objective is to capture the moment of light – being concealed and revealed," said HCWD, which produces art, furniture and architectural designs.

"This unique lighting design would turn a quotidian routine into an enriching experience, providing an unexpected, fun quality to a daily object."

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

The portable lamp is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery, which lasts for five hours before needing to be recharged.

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

The battery is powered up via a USB port and detachable cord. "It can be easily hooked up to almost any power source," the designer said.

HCWD unveiled a prototype of the Brick lamp in 2010. It launched a Kickstarter campaign in March 2015 to fund mass production and raised $39,300 (£26,400).

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

It has been available in aluminium, solid wood, and dark and light grey concrete. The studio has just released a version in white concrete due to customer requests.

White concrete is created by combining materials with lower iron, chromium and manganese levels than those used to make traditional concrete. It has recently become popular with architects thanks to its pure, uniform appearance.

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

"The concrete version Brick Lamp is made from a special mix of cement and fine grain sands," said the designer. "The concrete housing is cast in a high-quality rubber mould to create a super fine and smooth finish."

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

The lamp is 19 centimetres long, 13.5 centimetres wide and 4.2 centimetres high.

The metal version is made from a block of aluminium and is cut using a CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine.

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

"To give it a sleek metallic touch, we use sand-blasted matte finish on the bevels and brush texture on the top surface," said the designer. "The finished product then goes through an electric anodised process to permanently seal and protect the aluminium from rust and stain."

Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio

The wood version is made from a single piece of lumber that is coated with an eco-friendly clear stain. The lamp ranges in price from $185 (£124) to $380 (£255).

  • Guest

    The concrete edges do not look like they have a “super fine and smooth finish”.

  • A really interesting trend.

  • Alex Zemskov

    It is nice as a part of interior. You can do a lot of interesting things with it and create something new.