Studiomama's Metamorphic wardrobe transforms into a room divider


Nina Tolstrup's design firm Studiomama has created a pastel-coloured wardrobe with doors that unfold into a partition for large rooms (+ slideshow).

Wardrobe by Nina Tolstrup
Photographs by Dennis Peterson

The Metamorphic furniture piece includes a central hanging rail, as well as 10 drawers in varying sizes, and features a pair of front doors that can be unfurled into a screen and used to divide up a space.

"On returning back to London from a stint in Stockholm, we saw that there was an opportunity to re-think our live/work space," said Tolstrup, who founded Studiomama in 2000.

Wardrobe by Nina Tolstrup
Photograph by Dennis Peterson

"This concept came about as a solution towards creating more storage, and at the same time having a flexible room divider," she added.

Wardrobe by Nina Tolstrup
Photograph by Dennis Peterson

The wardrobe can be transported flat-packed. It is constructed from a solid maple wood frame – chosen for its hard and dense properties.

Wardrobe by Nina Tolstrup
Photograph by Dennis Peterson

Pieces of cedar wood form cross-shaped bracing on each panel, which is made from canvas material painted pale pink. The studio claims that the natural fragrance of the cedar helps to repel moths and other insects.

Wardrobe by Nina Tolstrup
Photograph by Elsa Young

"Instead of building walls and dividing the space up permanently, we found that this solution with a flexible and non-permanent screen to divide the space into two when needed gave us the opportunity to use our space in an optimal way," said studio co-founder Jack Mama.

Wardrobe by Nina Tolstrup
Photograph by Elsa Young

The studio is also developing the idea into additional versions that could be used in office spaces, functioning as movable workstations and storage units that incorporate flexible screens.

Tolstrup's Reveal cabinet, designed in 2010, was similarly multifunctional, including hidden storage compartments behind a facade made from reclaimed floorboards.

Wardrobe by Nina Tolstrup
Photograph by Dennis Peterson

Studiomama has also created brightly coloured seating made from salvaged furniture, and a mobile outdoor kitchen housed in a wooden cart on wheels.

  • SteveLeo

    Fantastic idea and superb execution.

  • James L

    Really beautiful!

  • Erwin


  • thepixinator

    It works well as a way to create a guest room, as long as your guest doesn’t snore all night and keep you up. It’s quite attractive, though.

  • Charlie


  • MAMG

    Very cool, modest construction, practical use, big impact. It looks great.

  • Z-dog

    The structure looks very flimsy to be cantilevering that distance over a long period of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts to fail similar to the corner cabinet in a kitchen.

    The colour is very impactful and the piece seems to be put together quite well. However, the doors in the first photo don’t seem to close correctly though. Does it need a latch?

  • Jessie Harrison

    I have two daughters that are constantly fighting to have their own rooms. We’ve also been talking about getting them new wardrobes. This design seems like it would allow them to have both. I just want to know how much space it takes up?

  • Robin Bruce

    Are flexible room dividers a new design or are they special order items? And I would like to see the wood frame in hard flooring. It’s also an idea that would also go half way up the walls… Now that would make for easy, flexible screens.