United Nude abstracts a Lamborghini to create faceted Lo Res sports car


This polygonal black form is actually a sports car, which Dutch footwear brand United Nude designed by simplifying a classic Lamborghini (+ slideshow).

The Lo Res car is a recreation of the Lamborghini Countach, designed by Marcello Gadini in the early 1970s.

Lo Res car concept by United Nude for Lamborghini

The two-seater vehicle features a matt black polycarbonate body, which surrounds the passengers "like a transparent capsule". The car is doorless, but its entire top hinges up from the back to allow access.

The interior is minimal, and features a hexagonal steering wheel and other elements in polished stainless steel. The electric engine reaches maximum speeds of 50 kilometres per hour.

Lo Res car concept by United Nude for Lamborghini

"The Lo Res car can be described as a conceptual design experiment, rather than a conventional car," said United Nude. "Its abstract appearance makes it look like a magical moving sculpture."

It was designed as part of the company's ongoing Lo Res project, for which it has turned a number of objects including shoes and chairs into faceted versions.

Lo Res car concept by United Nude for Lamborghini

Software is used to scan a series of 3D points from the original objects, which are then used to develop abstract designs.

The car is set to be exhibited in Los Angeles, and according to the company will be produced as part of a limited run for collectors.

Lo Res car concept by United Nude for Lamborghini

A similarly futuristic-looking car design featuring three reflective cuboids in place of a traditional body was unveiled by Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe at Dutch Design Week 2015.

Mercedes-Benz has also designed an autonomous pod-like concept car, designed to function as a living room on wheels, and Volvo has released footage of a self-driving vehicle that would allow drivers to snooze at the wheel on long journeys.

  • Roberto Sideris

    When design becomes transcendent into art.

  • Aside from Daft Punk, I don’t know who else would be interested in an expensive golf cart.

  • Diego

    Pretty sure this “design” has not taken into account aerodynamics, so it is useless and as such, bad design.

    • Mick

      Go easy… it obviously came out of the garden shed of someone’s DIY grandfather.

    • Dylan Milne

      Well considering it is pretty much a wedge it probably has a fair aerodynamic profile. It is clear this car is a piece of art rather than a functional vehicle.

      It’s electric so it probably isn’t for whizzing around a track but rather to create a piece of abstract modernism like the original Countach did. Also, this is meant to evoke the 80s when polygons were the height of computer graphics.

    • Paul

      Diego, having trouble understanding the project? Poor you…

  • The Liberty Disciple

    I don’t buy this being Minimalist. It has an angular hexagonal skin and reveals all the mechanics of the car. I wish they had given it interior and exterior surfaces more like their other Low-Res poly examples while using either a classic Italian colour scheme or a blank all-white scheme. That might actually fetch a high collectors’ fee.

  • LOW

    *Blasts Knight Rider*.

  • My_Pseudonym

    This would look cooler as a speedboat. Second picture down you could imagine it planing over water…